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CloudTemplar on “Only DWG is good. LCK is still bad”

LeagueofLegends9 - CloudTemplar on "Only DWG is good. LCK is still bad"

Hello folks, felt like the previous post led to some misunderstanding, so I am posting a segment from the same video, where CT talks about the above statement "Only DWG is good and LCK is still bad".

This time I translated the video word for word, in hopes of clearer context. I believe it is my fault that some people interpreted the post as "LCK is a one team region!" rather than "G2 was a scary opponent that deserves respect".

I would very much appreciate comments on how to better communicate the nuances from other Korean speakers.

The previous post in question: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/jik4iy/lck_caster_cloudtemplar_any_other_lck_team_would/

The video in question:

“Only DWG is good. LCK is bad”

CT: This is a topic designed to attract attention, often argued about. Often spoken by people who seek to devalue LCK. I do agree that DWG is much better than the rest of LCK. This statement on its own is not all wrong. But I don’t know what the intent of the statement is.

DWG is part of LCK. Through the splits, the level of play grew as a region, and from there DWG emerged. This statement is spoken by people who wish to extract the conclusion that LCK is still a tier below other regions.

But frankly this phenomenon occurs in other regions too, and every now and then an unrivaled team always appears. It’s not like such teams appear out of nowhere. They need to train, meet sparring partners, learn to take it on the chin.

What have we (CT and Pony) been talking about this entire year? You say it, Pony. What did we say about LCK?

Pony: We need to learn?

CT: And LCK is trying to change. We said this over and over again. To the point that I said they are trying too much. Even the bottom teams were trying so hard. LCK as a whole tried SO hard. From 1st place to the last, every team put in so much work. And DWG is a byproduct of that collective effort.

DWG needed to practice. Did their teamfighting prowess fall out of the sky?

Look back on this year’s LCK. Regardless of their standing in the league, all the teams skirmished like crazy this year. To the point that feedback was to do some macro instead of fighting. “You guys don’t need to fight like that, why are you teamfighting already? Why skirmish when it’s not a good time to do so?” All this fighting took crazy effort, and led to the improvement of teams like DWG. How can you improve your fighting skills if others don’t fight you?


Pony: When teams tried to fight more and change their playstyle, at first people commented “why fight like that, why can’t you do it like them?” (them being the teams LCK was trying to emulate). But ultimately you need to make mistakes to reach that level. And everyone had to go through it together.

CT: Personally, I honestly think this is just an attention seeking statement. (The word he uses is 어그로, aggro in English and yes the word taken from MMORPG days. Statement designed to provoke, rile up people or just attract attention) Even during this discussion, I see people in the chat that just cannot be reasoned with. These people didn’t watch the entire matches, I can tell. And they already have their mind made up. And they just push forward with their opinion, why you ask? Because they want to disparage LCK. There are actually people like this.

Pony: So to sum it up from my POV, saying only DWG is good is not all unfounded. But then if you look at it from a different perspective, in LEC only G2 is unrivaled. Of course there is FNC the ‘contender’, but in the end they could never overcome G2. Then out of the four major regions, LEC and LCK are a one team region, with LCS on a level far below others.

CT: LCS doesn’t even have such singular teams. Personally, I think LCS as a region did not try. This is a painful topic for LCS, but they did not try their best, and their level of play equalized to a substandard degree. But LCK made a collective effort, and it is from there that DWG emerged.

Pony: So then out of all the major regions, only LPL is left. The average level of play in LPL is higher than that of LCK. (CT agrees) But Worlds is about sending regional representatives, and the participants will be a team and its players. A region will have to choose its representatives. So I think it is pointless to discuss the average level when Worlds is a contest to choose the best team. Maybe later when talking about the leagues themselves it will be relevant. So I agree that it’s just an attention-seeking statement.

CT: So guys, no need to devalue LCK. Everyone tried hard. We all saw it. And I’m sure there are fans who saw this too. They tried really hard. We didn’t just sit on our asses all these years while getting beaten up. If we had done that, we would have gotten spanked this year too. People would have said ah, they didn’t change, they can’t keep up.

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