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CloudTemplar on TeamLiquid, LMS, Worlds Meta

LeagueofLegends9 - CloudTemplar on TeamLiquid, LMS, Worlds Meta

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  This is a long video so I would be only translating the first part. CloudTemplar later went on to talk about the quarter-final I'm not sure if I would translate that part but we will see. As always please pm me for any grammar/spelling or translation mistake.


Team Liquid

As I look at my predictions for the groups the one thing I got the most wrong on is team Liquid. I put Team Liquid favorably in group D but unfortunately, they didn't make it out of the group. To be honest I was a bit sad about it like I didn't think they were a super good team but I think I was… rooting for them? I think after this worlds coaches in NA would be having headaches. You can debate about the details but North America has a pretty good environment/infrastructure with one of the best system in place. LoL also started from America so that gave them a headstart. But if you look from Season 1 and onward it is a bit mysterious on why NA is having such a hard time


Is it the team's fault or is it numerous other issues? I think one of the most meaningful criticism is Region development or Talent scouting. Look at LCK there are many people playing but there is a ridiculous amount of talent in LCK. And many of them go oversea like players, coaches, managers. But the talent keeps coming. This is something that is unique in LCK and what other regions does not quite have.

Especially Soloque, the soloque in NA is worse than people might think, compare to LCK. I heard that the mindset and even skill is not quite the level of soloque in Korea. There seems to be not a lot of developing talents in NA for example in LCK even in challengers(LCK academy), there are "monsters" coming up competing for the spots but there are not a lot in NA.  

I think even though Team Liquid didn't make out of group it is not wrong to say Team Liquid is a top team. A lot of casters and coaches was saying that not without any reasons. If you look at the lineup it is crazy they were able to keep the lineup. They kind of reminds me of SKT.It was a really solid team but it was sad that even a solid team like Team Liquid couldn't make it out of group.


In conclusion, I think it was unfortunate for NA this world but I think with their good team environment/infrastructure with a good system… they would stay about the same. Realistically saying the only thing they could do is to import more player to improve the quality of the league. For example, every team need players at the level like doubelift, CoreJJ so that overall quality of the league is improved because they really need more competitors in their league. In other words, they have to win with money. Is it possible? I think the attractiveness of working in NA could make it possible. The NA I know can do it.




I heard after this season LMS is disappearing so this could be LMS last appearance in world. A lot of people are questioning why LMS still got three spot. Some actually blamed me for it "LMS got three spots because you lost in season 2". I really couldn't say anything. I mean what could I say? TPA was really good. I heard TPA became national heroes afterward. Like I'm not exaggerating the whole nation hail them as national heroes. Well anyway after TPA there was a steep decline for LMS. There was some misinformation for season 2 for Korea. A lot of people think we were the favorite to win but for me, I believe EU and NA were favored at the time. Korea at the time were just starting to learning LoL kind of like LMS right now. So yeah we didn't win but we actually did pretty good(maybe LMS can do the same).

World Meta

I have been saying this the whole year but this year the meta have been Role Flexibility, Importance of Laning Phase, and Everything is possible. This year every team have been being creative even SKT for example this world has been the worlds with the most unique picks. Out of 145 champions 95 champions have been picked. The patches for this world are pretty good and allow some versatile comps. There were patches like the ardent censer meta where the better marksman basically win every game. For this year I have been talking to a lot of people and all of them agreed that this is the most balanced world patch they have played. And expect for more new picks I don't think all the teams have shown their cards yet. Udyr and Ammu probably won't be used actually they are pretty useless so don't expect anything. Although I know some people who are testing them. Amu or Yi who are most likely to appear? Probably yi.


The most Op champion in this patch is Pantheon followed by maybe Qiyana. Qiyana have about 70% pick/ban but doesn't have a high win rate. Even if Qiyana is OP like Pantheon it is still a good patch. Everytime in world there will be some OP cheating champion but this year it's only one and a half. Pantheon is OP because he is strong but also easy to play. This is important because champion like akali who are strong but hard to play not all player can play her and need some time to learn her. To be honest some players can't play her at all. Another strength of Pantheon is that he can swap lane which is pretty self-explanatory why it is strong. One other strength is that he can provide utility for the team. The old pantheon is garbage at the late game but the new pantheon with his OP shield can still influence and even break a team fight. One other thing is that no one play for the late game anymore. It is far better to have a strong early game and snowball from there then to stall game till late game.


So why Kayle?

A lot of people seems to think Kayle is OP at level 16 but the more accurate statement would be Kayle is stronger in level 16. It's not let's stall for kayle to level up to 16 but kayle is stronger at 16. In other word, You don't pick Kayle for 16 Kayle. Kayle have weak laning phase but Kayle can carry and also help teammates carry. Why does no one pick trash champion like ammu? Watch your mouth the day will come soon(Cloudtemplar is amu main).

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