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CloudTemplar’s Thought on LCK Regional Final(Ft. Pony)

LeagueofLegends13 - CloudTemplar's Thought on LCK Regional Final(Ft. Pony)

Translated from:

CT = Cloudtemplar

Pony = LPL Korean Caster(Korean cast of LPL)

So at the time of filming, LCK regional finals will start in about a day and the whole finals will end in 3 days series after another. This is a really tight schedule for all the teams, especially for the lower seed teams so let's see how they do with the little time they have.


Problems to Fix before GenG

So AF, KT, T1 all have some issues that they have to solve before facing GenG. I think figuring out their roster especially those that have six man roster are vital to defeat GenG.  

-AF have to figure out their jungler(Dread vs Spirit)

-KT needs to figure out their top/mid(Smeb/Ucal vs Sohwan/Kuro)

-T1 is a bit interesting because they have a huge variety of roster. -Whether they would play Faker/Clozer, Cuzz/Ellim, Teddy/Gumayusi.



A lot of people are going to ask why Gumayusi is on the list. It's because if you look at T1's games it is true that their bot lane struggled a bit so there is a slim possibility Teddy get subbed out. It is also true to Ellim who we don't really expect to come out but there is a possibility.  


AF vs KT

I know a lot of people are going to talk about the substitutes vs starter roster but I think whether Tusin is on the form is the key. KT has about three weeks to prepare so I am curious what they did with the practice time and whether Tusin are on form. -Pony  

It is kind of unfortunate for players like Tusin and Ucal because they are often remembered for their worst moments instead of their best. And sometimes their lowest became their skill level as their low come out more and more frequent. -CT


One thing that KT have is that recently Aiming and Smeb are on form. Especially in this meta there are a lot top picks that suit Smeb so it is good for KT. -CT  

I think if AF wasn't able to solve their mid problem it might be good to just play around it instead of trying to force a win out of it. Instead of trying to win lane which is favorable in this meta maybe they should give up mid and play around other lanes. -Pony  

I don't think there is a big difference in Spirit and Dread. The reason I said is that bot lane is really the contention point of the finals. GenG have strong bot lane which is why I think Tusin will be important for KT to win. -CT



And I think a lot of people forgot this but GenG is actually a very strong team despite losing against DRX in the playoff. I think T1 can fight against GenG head to head if Faker is on the form. -Pony


So I think first of all we can assume Canna would be the top laner playing. And recently Cuzz and Clozer seem to synergize pretty well so that might be the combination with Ellim paired with Faker. But we didn't see enough games with Ellim to really make an assessment. This is also true with Gumayusi we just don't know enough about them to make any judgment. -CT


So I think adc role is a bit more unlikely to switch out than jungle and mid. Because in the past jungle and mid have definitely been subbed out due to their champion pool. For example if the jungler's champion pool is all AD then he would make the draft very difficult for the team so they might subbed out for an AP centric jungler. However, for adc I think whoever are on the better form will play. Marksman's pool isn't that big to warrant a second member. I think if Teddy's form is really that bad then he might get subbed out but otherwise probably not. -Pony


Faker vs Clozer

I think the most solid roster T1 can make is Canna-Cuzz-Faker/Clozer-Teddy-Effort. Clozer are there to be the six man subbing in depending on the situation. But I think and I don't think this is an unpopular opinion among the analysts but that Faker would probably be the starter/main. If you look at T1's best games Faker is often the key to their victory. Yes Clozer have been doing well but I think he lacks the thing that are needed to win an important best of 5. -CT


So just to clarify, we are not looking down at Clozer but just that there is something called experience. Champion pool, experience, and situation awareness and assessment is something that comes with experience. Of course if Clozer turn up and flex on everyone then it would be the birth of a superstar(like Faker solo killing ambition). However, it is just too unlikely for that to happen. -CT


GenG's weakness

If you ask me what part of GenG are most likely to collapse then I would probably say jungle and mid. It's either BDD or Clid. -CT


The Best of AF

If you look at the consistency then Spirit would win but for the highest high then Dread would win. AF's bot often either lose super hard or they don't(huh?) so they have to work on that. Kiin also be on form like Kespa Kiin or Asian game Kiin level. And Fly are on form and also on Zoe. If all these requirement are met then they would be a pretty strong team. Even against GenG they lost often because of their bot lane so if their bot lane stop losing then they have a chance.


The Best of KT

So Smeb is just Smeb… I think Smeb + Malrang/Ucal has the highest high but I think Bono+Kuro are the most consistent. So this is something KT has to decide. -CT


I think Smeb and Aiming are doing quite well so it is really mid/jungle they have to worry about. -Pony


"Is it possible that KT will play another support player?"-Pony

"I don't think so because that would mean they would have to play " -CT


This is how inconsistent Tusin is that we are even thinking maybe KT would play a untested player. I think Tusin is really shaky so I'm not sure what they are going to do. I heard some people even said that Kuro is going to play support but no one really knows for sure.


So we have seen AF's high before(when they beat T1 in spring) but we never really saw KT's high. In other words, we never really seen KT's true potential so everything we talked about is really just fantasy XD.

Fantasy of Rookie Debut

So a lot of people have been asking about Gumayusi and how he compares against other players. To be honest we really don't know since he played so little games. Everytime a soloQ superstar is recruited everyone is like "Oh if only he played instead of that starter" but to be honest we really can't know. It is really just wishful thinking, a fantasy. There is literally nothing for us to make assessment so it is really impossible for us make any assessment. -CT


So every time someone talks about Gumayusi they always mention Samd(Sam and how he was not given a chance like Gumayusi. But Samd did play after he left GenG and he really showed nothing impressive on Sunning. It was after he went to V5 when he got better. -Pony


And it is not like he just sit on the bench doing nothing. He is probably getting training at this very moment. Besides if he is really a soloQ monster rumor will slip through and we would have heard about it. Of course it is easier for solo laner to get noticed than duolane. -CT


I think another thing that people forget is that a huge part of Pro's practice time is on scrim. Which leaves little room for SoloQ. So some pros would seem to falter in SoloQ when they were in fact practicing hard in scrims. So when trainees like Gumayusi do really well on the ladder it might seems that their starter counterpart are not that strong remember that they might be practicing hard in scrim and doesn't have time for SoloQ. -CT

Headaches for Teams

To be honest, even as an outsider it makes my head hurt trying to decide what roster would be the best. I don't think there is a right answer and teams just have to make a decision and take responsibility for the result. -CT/Pony


Predicting the Result

I think if nothing crazy happens GenG have the highest chance of winning. I don't think this prediction is really surprising. But playoff and regional final always have something crazy happening. -CT


I think this craziness started in 2012 when Blaze was dominating Spring but wasn't able to go to World at summer. Yeah after that there are more times when things went wrong then go as predicted. Azu Blaze was a really strong team at the time so it was really crazy when Najin beat them. -CT


Outro: https://youtu.be/VNBdkCvCjS4?t=2030

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