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CN reaction on DWG vs G2

LeagueofLegends8 - CN reaction on DWG vs G2

Most of comments I chose are from Hupu and weibo, so enjoy:

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Title: Stomping G2 in only 19 minutes and advancing to the final with a crushing victory, how do you rate DWG's performance today?

Fun fact: for last 2 years, those who eliminated G2 would end up being world champions.

DWG hit G2 so hard that I felt like they cracked G2's teeth.

The performance of the whole G2 team is just criminally bad today, their sup is really going to be sold to the Turkey.

Not-so-random-fact: Teams that trying to do the “water throw” post-match celebration would be 100% eliminated in the next BO5.

We really hoped that G2 could have eliminated LCK for the nightmare we had in the previous years. LCK is now coming back to the grand final.

The fear of the Korean team has been implanted in the hearts of many LPL fans since S3, and I hope that TES or Suning will break the curse this year.

I feels like G2 could have won Game 3 only if their mid and sup didn't int that much. Such a pity.

Title: Advancing to the final, DWG officials: the final is not only for themselves, but for the whole LCK!

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DWG is indeed the strongest Korean team of the last three years.

If LPL wants to win, don't be afraid, the war between China and Korea is now on, let's go, LPL is gonna take over!

Indeed, they also set a new record for the fastest ever game in the history of the World Championship, and the entire BO5 looked like they came with a vengeance for regional glory!

Title: Semi-Final Day 1: G2 got hard stomped, the myth of "LCK killer" has been shattered, DWG comes with a vengeance and advances to the final!

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Mid & Sup gap, and Caps played like a fu**king clown in the last two games.


Two straight runner-ups –Semi-finalist– Quarter-finalist – than can't make out of group, and Caps' script has been set.

(Reply to the above comment): Turns out that G2 is EU RNG.

The curse of Yang's dumping finally works.

G2, who we had high hopes for, is eliminated by DWG in the semi-final, and the winner of TES and SN will become LPL's last hope, let's go!

From the weibo of 兔玩游戏

Title: G2 CEO tweets "Sucks guys, we give it all but the better team won, 2021 that is."

CN comments:

  • Perkz, the man with our highest hopes, got eliminated in the semi final and will give an early farewell to the 2020 World Championship. (This is a very famous line said by CN caster when Uzi got eliminated by G2 in 2018)
  • I think if FNC gets G2's mid, they can win the world championship.



This comment is so ridiculous.

You are even dumber than the "Fans from the founding year of CN esports"

(After IG won the championship in 2018, there is a rapid growth of lpl fans, but many of them might have little knowledge about LPL history or even league, so CN fans memed 2018 as the year that CN esports is founded )

I am 100% sure that op is trolling.

G2 sup is gonna enjoy the icecream in Turkey soon.

Title: S10 Semi-Final G2 1-3 DWG. It's a bloody game. The game was over in just 19 minutes.

Thank you G2, it's perfect time to watch El Clásico

The damage of Braum is even higher that Cait.

I think LPL might lose this year…

So the question now is which World Championship skins would DWG choose?

The last game is just ugly. G2 doesn't want to play at all. Seems like mental boom to me.

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