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CN reaction on G2 postgame interview (fron Bilibili)

LeagueofLegends4 - CN reaction on G2 postgame interview (fron Bilibili)

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BV1Yz4y1o7xX - CN reaction on G2 postgame interview (fron Bilibili)


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  • G2 CarlosR twitter: "Winning wouldn't feel so good if losing wouldn't feel so bad."
  1. He also said "Don't be sore losers.Take it on the chin." I really like him.
  2. Tbh,I think I’m a fan of them now, their team atmosphere is good and funny.And CarlosR seems like a nice guy.


  • So,its the LCK vs LPL in finals,if we lose,just admit we are the loser.But if we won,it proves that LPL is the first region without controversy right?
  1. yeah, if SN or TES lose to DWG,we have to admit the LCK is still the best region in worlds,from S3 to S10,LCK still have their dominace.
  2. Don't be afraid of LCK,the nightmare can only be defeated by winning them.
  3. Cant agree more, we cannot alaways waiting for the EU bros to help us every time.


  • EU bros lost *cry*.
  1. Don't know why some LPL fans alaways think about the script that G2 won DWG and then 3:0 lost to LPL.


  • "Maybe I will have more success in Turkey" lol



  • Those guys face looks like:


  • Feel a little bit disappointed.. I have unconsciously become a fan of this team.
  1. G2 is really a good team,They always smile whether they win or lose,good to see perkz can keep his good emotion and tease caps after the game.Good luck next year.
  2. Same,didn't realize I have become a fan of G2.



  • Caps,perkz,jankos,wunder,mikyx,Good luck next year!


  • Caps is very humble and work hard,but he lost every year when almost succeeded.He wants to win the championship so much.tho he didn't play well today,I feel pity for him and his teammates.Caps,enjoy your games,good luck next year.
  1. Caps is really strong this year.
  2. I'm not a G2 fan,but caps performance on today is not as good as the game before,feel pity for G2.


  • So..we won't have the po*n to watch right?
  1. you are a man of culture
  2. lol

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