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CN Reactions to Worlds Finals

LeagueofLegends10 - CN Reactions to Worlds Finals

I saw someone wants to see the reactions of CN after the finals, so I try to translate some of them from hupu and bilibili without handpicked.

English is my second language, I'll try to do my best. Hope u guys enjoy it!

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  • IG won G2 in 2018,and then IG won Worlds
  • FPX won G2 in 2019,and then FPX won Worlds
  • DWG won G2 in 2020,and then DWG won Worlds
  1. G2 , Forever God
  2. SSG won G2 in 2017,and also won the championship
  3. G2 Buff: increase the probability of success in finals

This is a comment after game 1

  • Tbh,I hope people wont blame SN if DWG wins SN,they has tried their best to get to the finals as a third seed,they did so much better than our expected,but DWG is too strong.
  1. Before game 1,I has told my friends that DWG will won,but I hope SN can prove that I am wrong.
  2. Of course,SN has played well during this world tournament.


  • Congratulations to DWG,especially for Nuguri,he deserves this championship.Bin and Angel's performance are far beyond my expectation,they has played very well for LPL,hope we can bring back the title next year.


  • LPL 4 seeds,LGD was eliminated in group stage,JDG was eliminated in quarter ,TES was eliminated in semi-finals,and SN was eliminated in the finals. *sigh* good luck next year.


  • I am fine … *Cry*
  1. I feel bad…
  2. I feel bad..
  3. good luck next year

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  • The S8 finals game is the best one for me..
  • LPL become a challenger again
  • Congratulations to OG (In 2019, OG won the DOTA championship in Shanghai)
  • Many Chinese people were in EU and KR cheered for FPX and IG,tut there are no Koreans in the audience this year .All of the them are LPL fans, its hard to cheer for DWG when the team they support lost.
  • SN played very well,Angel Bin and Huangfeng are young,still have chance in next year.

Some meme

LPL fans after game 2:



  • There is an audinece next to me said that SN adc doesn't play well
  • he also boasted that if he is the SN adc,SN may wins the DWG
  • lmao
  • Typically noob and Keyboard warrior
  • This is him
  • * Uzi image*

(Some famous pro players like crisp,uzi,mlxg,clearlove went to Shanghai to watch the finals,so lpl fans make joke that if SN cant win DWG,they can let the audinece to help them)

Pro players


*trolling post*

  • Title:We Asians have won nine consecutive championships *Clap*


  1. We humans have won ten consecutive championships *Clap*
  2. 3. We Solar Systemers have won ten consecutive championships *Clap*

Reactions to some twitters that said CN audience show no respect for DWG.


When I was watching the match that Juventus F.C vs FC Barcelona in Italia,almost all the audience are only cheer for the Juventus F.C,and some people even throw the beer bottle to the player of Barcelona when they scored a goal . Seems like anything have connection with CN will be blamed.


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