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[CN Tieba Reactions] 2019 League Finals G2 v. FPX

LeagueofLegends10 - [CN Tieba Reactions] 2019 League Finals G2 v. FPX

Congratulations to FPX for winning the World Championships! Well-deserved and well-played.

https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6333942284 “What do you guys think about Game 1?”

: I don’t know about 3:0… Although G2 lost, I can tell that they have a clear game plan and macro. Too bad Wunder got hard camped top – that really threw G2 off.

: Both teams are very strong. When G2 was base racing for top inhibitor my heart almost leaped out of my chest.

: Judging from G2’s reactions, winning or losing Game 1 didn’t matter much for them. Their coach did say, G2 wasn’t a team built to win but to conquer.

: There was a lot of back and forth with very fast tempo. I wasn’t a fan of the base race where G2 was allowed to get top inhibitor but FPX managed to win in the end. I think there was an issue in G2’s comms in the very last teamfight – they should have defended faster.


Did I say you could leave?

https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6334011376 “What do you guys think about Game 2?”

: Where did G2’s health bars go?

: Although FPX won, they are not as happy as G2 *thinking*

: The ending was literally an Iron game, G2 lining up to feed

: I think G2 is lost and their mental went boom from game 1. They made many clear mistakes. They tried reading their opponents only to realize they don’t even play by G2’s rules.

: 2017 – China hosted and no Chinese teams in finals. 2018 – Korea hosted and no Korean teams in finals. The host curse is strong – RIP EU

: I was laughing my ass off when Caps ran into Tian and his buddy the moment he pressed b.


: Oh how the tables have turned. G2 is looking lost and confused. When G2 beat SKT I was looking forward to a close series. However, I noticed that G2 claims to have a large champion pool, but they are not performing on less-played picks .

https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6330464237?pn=62 “Live comment of finals”

: I feel bad for all those Chinese teams that got destroyed by Shower Dog.

: Okay I know you were telling the truth but leave G2 some dignity please. Now you better pray for leaving the stadium in one piece.

: I don’t think lwx was being cocky for saying G2 didn’t perform at all. Can you imagine how cocky G2 would have been if we lost? Serves them right. You reap what you sow.

: Lwx’s emotional intelligence needs work… Be the greater person and respect your enemy.

: I felt so bad for the interpreter. His face literally froze after lwx said G2 played poorly. Poor man was probably thinking of a way of translating that without pissing off the EU crowd.

: Sorry, being world champion and never dying once in the entire series really gives you the right to talk shit. So stop being salty and get over lwx being "not humble enough".

: FPX’s jg/sup played tiers above G2’s.

: Is this… a normal game?




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