League of Legends

Complete LEC and NALCS rosters

LeagueofLegends4 - Complete LEC and NALCS rosters

I'm aware that not all rosters are officialy confirmed, but I put the most likely ones (like the SK one or Schalke top/support).

G2 Wunder Jankos Caps Perkz Mikyx
Fnatic Bwipo Broxah Nemesis Rekkles Hyllisang
Misfits sOAZ Maxlore Febiven Hans Sama Gorilla
Vitality Cabochard Mowgli Jiizuke Attila Jactroll
Origen Alphari Kold Nukeduck Sheriff Mithy
Splyce Vizicsacsi Xerxe Humanoid Kobbe Norskeren
Schalke 04 Odoamne Memento Abbedagge Upset IgNar
SK Gaming Werlyb Selfmade Pirean Crownshot Dreams
Rogue Profit Kikis Sencux HeaQ Wadid
exceL Expect Caedrel Exileh Jeskla kaSing

Team Liquid Impact Xmithie Jensen Doublelift CoreJJ
100 Thieves Ssumday AnDa Huhi Bang Aphromoo
Cloud 9 Licorice Svenskeren Nisqy Sneaky Zeyzal
TSM BrokenBlade Grig Bjergsen Zven Smoothie
Golden Guardians Hauntzer Contractz Froggen Deftly Olleh
CLG Darshan Wiggily PoE Stixxay Biofrost
OpTic Dhokla Meteos/Dardoch Crown ? Big
Flyquest Viper Santorin Pobelter WildTurtle Stunt
Clutch Gaming Huni Lira Damonte Piglet Vulcan
Echo Fox Solo/Lourlo Rush Fenix Apollo Hakuho

NALCS non-resident players number: 17


LEC non-resident players number: 8

NOTE: Bolded players are non-resident.

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