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Concept for a 4th resolve tree keystone, codename: Harder Daddy

LeagueofLegends1 - Concept for a 4th resolve tree keystone, codename: Harder Daddy

Tldr I want to create a front line tank rune with stacking properties, similar to conqueror, but tuned to ramp up faster in team fights than skirmishes or 1v1. The rougher they are with you the tougher you get (hence the codename)

Short version: The general concept is every time you are hit with an auto attack or spell you get a stack that adds to your durability. The strength of this stack would scale off how durable you are already (resists and/or hp), and have a multiplier on that amount based on the number of champions around you. When you hit max stacks gain some form of bonus stat. If you don't take damage for a certain period of time stacks fall off at given rate.

Long winded version: I think we need a 4th resolve tree keystone dedicated specifically to good old front line team fighting meat shields, your friendly neighborhood tank. The current runes don't address this particular playstyle, and that seems to be what the runes do, either amplify the strength or mitigate the weakness of a playstyle. There are keystones for:

Boost my quick trade damage rotation (electrocute) Sustain in the laning phase (Fleet Footwork) My duo partner is a Genji main (Aery) Increase my poke damage (Comet) I'm sick of being kited (Phase rush) Prolonged fights/ tank busting (Conqueror) I want my attack speed to get Sonic all hot and bothered (Lethal Tempo) Hell there's even one for hitting skill shots is hard so I'm going to slow you down with my auto attacks first so I don't miss. (Glacial augment)

Now you may be thinking ‘hey pigeon brain, what about the resolve tree keystones? ‘. I'm glad you asked.

Guardian- completely useless in solo lanes, and even if you took it and waited till team fights you protect yourself and 1 ally for 1.5 seconds on a 70-40 cd.

Aftershock- Great rune for early game skirmishes, surviving tower dives, and pick comps. But not all tanks have reliable engage style hard cc in their non ultimate skills, and even for those that do when facing a team that's going to be constantly kiting back in team fights a 2.5 second window on a 35 cd isn't adding a ton of durability standing in the front line getting smacked with conqueror, PtA, or by people breaking the attack speed cap over the course of a prolonged team fight. Aftershock is an anti burst rune, not a team fighting rune imo.

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Grasp- Infinitely stacking health, great!……as long as your in a tank v tank match up. Walking up to a Darius/renekton/ fiora to aa them for the proc likely won't end well for you, making it a better rune on bruisers in general. Not to mention the top lane is currently full of ranged champions like kennen, Jayce and vlad, good luck consistently getting grasp procs against them as a lumbering melee tank.


So how would I make a keystone for prolonged team fighting tanks? I think the keystone for prolonged team fighting damage dealers, conqueror, is the appropriate model to build off of, but stacks would be based on taking an attack or damaging spell instead of performing one.

So here's what I'm thinking. This rune should offer fairly little in the laning phase. These are tanks, they shouldn't be smashing lane, they should frolic along the front line as their enemies attacks fizzle futilely upon them.(if you farmed well and have a couple items) I would do this in 2 ways.

Firstly: The rune should be heavily weighted on scaling % based on current stats, no free 70 bonus resist at level one here.

Secondly: I would apply the same mechanic that's on Wukongs passive and stone plate where the stats are adjusted based on who is around you. In this case the number of allied champions near you. This is a team fighting rune and should be the most effective when grouped with your team. Alternatively it could be based on total champions around you to make it best in 5v5 fights, and leave split pushing as a potential counter play strategy, which is honestly probably better, but I've already written 90% of the stuff below here and just thought of this and am too damn lazy to rewrite it all. XD

Now I can barely balance my bank account, let alone this game, so I'm not going to try and put actual stats to this concept, but let's assume X is one stack of whatever stat(s) are being given by the keystone. Here's what I'm thinking:

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EDIT: Mattjs11 had an idea I wanted to add up here. They suggest having the stacks generate based on the number of unique champions you've taken damage from. Thoughts?

Max stacks = 20x

Stacks gained per hit taken

0 allies – x 1 ally – 1.15x 2 allies – 1.35x 3 allies – 1.6x 4 allies – 2x

At max stacks gain a bonus, I think tenacity would be a good one, but am open to suggestions.

If you do not receive any damage for 2.5 second stack fall off at a rate set by someone smarter than me.

Combined with the scaling set up you can see that this will not be completely useless in lane( just mostly), but shines later in the game.

Thank you to the 7 people who actually read the whole thing.

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