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Craggle Cosplay Poppy (OC)

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Hi all!Long time lurker, first time poster.

I made a Cosplay Craggle Poppy, though not insanely creative and inspired as many concepts for champs I've seen (You all are amazing!). I truly just wanted to throw this idea into the void! Hopefully someone will like it!

I made some
mockups and a splash! I've added the images here for quicker viewing.

The idea came from Poppy’s old lore and Tristana and Veigar's most recent cosplay skins. As much as I adore Poppy’s new tragic backstory, I can’t help but feel it was made extra tragic due to her very best friend being retconned away from her. As much as I can agree Lux does fit into Galio’s world a bit better due to new happenings, it is a darn shame she replaced my favourite blondie.

How can Galio not have two girls in his life? Who does Poppy confide in when she needs to rest her feet a bit after a long day of searching for that “hero”? Not only has Poppy lost a dear mentor in ages past, brave old Orlon, but her best friend is now a ghost of Poppy past.

So in order to not break the universe apart: in comes Craggle.

Craggle is an adorable Golem statue carved from the finest Demacian petricite (anti-magic stone). He has a soft spot for the vulnerable creatures of the world, and tries to protect them with every ounce of his strength as if he was a giant
Galio - Craggle Cosplay Poppy (OC)

colossus — even if he is still growing.

Craggle is technically a mini Galio. He has the same convictions and anatomical proportions as Poppy. So it makes more than enough sense, that in some alternate universe Poppy can have a piece of Galio with her, close to her infallibly pure yordle heart, by cosplaying as the tiny TFT hero Craggle.


(Also his dance is the VERY BEST DANCE IN TFT Timestamped at 5:03.)


Galio has a very satisfying "bonk" to his passive, and I feel that resonates with Poppy's Q. With Galio smashing with his big fists, it was a no-brainer her hammer just has to be a giant fist. Craggle's superhero stances are perfect for her R knockup. Shieldy can be a spatula… or… something… idk…



The lack of creative inspiration or weapon variation presentation is due to my absolutely-insanely-unrealistically-hopeful wish that Craggle Cosplay Poppy (and/or that attention gets paid to the fact that Poppy must be incredibly lonely at times.) would make it into the game in some shape or form. Thus leaving room for legally achievable creativity to the amazing artists at Riot!Dragon Trainer Poppy is a good idea too.

TL;DR: Fluffy Fist Poppy Skin is actually to draw emphasis to a sad reality. Poppy lost her best friend. Twice.

ARTSTATION link:https://www.artstation.com/afterfeatherart (There's literally nothing there yet. YET.)

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