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Created LoL logos for each State in the US

LeagueofLegends3 - Created LoL logos for each State in the US

Well, it's a bit more than that. My brother and I were discussing the idea of an US amateur LoL league a few weeks ago, and decided if we were to do one, we'd make the teams by state. And, well… I designed logos for each state.

Process: I took every state's motto and associated them with a champion, assigned them a team name (based on abilities/story), then took their official state colors (or state flag colors) and created logos. I'm not a designer by trade, but I did learn a lot about Inkscape..

So without further ado:

StateMottoChampion AssociationName (Logo Link)
AlabamaWe dare to defend our rights or We Dare Maintain Our RightsAatroxaj9vqGZ - Created LoL logos for each State in the USAlabama Infernal
ArizonaGod enrichesPantheon
Arizona Starfall
ArkansasThe people ruleAzirS4GiTgN - Created LoL logos for each State in the US
Arkansas Sandsoldiers
CaliforniaI have found it! Eureka!HeimerdingerhTAG9O3 - Created LoL logos for each State in the USCalifornia 42
ColoradoNothing without Providence /or/ Nothing without the DeityKarmaColorado Mantra
ConnecticutHe who transplanted sustainsEkkoConnecticut Chronobreaks
DelawareLiberty and independenceXin ZhaoDelaware Guard
FloridaIn God we trustFizzFlorida Trident
GeorgiaWisdom, Justice, and ModerationKayleGeorgia Divine
IdahoLet it be perpetualZileanIdaho Immortals
IllinoisState sovereignty, national unionIrelia
Illinois Defiant
IndianaThe crossroads of AmericaKaynhBN3U7w - Created LoL logos for each State in the USIndiana Umbral
IowaOur liberties we prize and our rights we will maintainSylasIowa Kingslayers
KansasTo the stars through difficultiesBardKansas Fate
KentuckyLet us be grateful to GodYorickKentucky Souls
LouisianaUnion, justice, and confidenceTahm KenchLouisiana Voyage
MaineI directSonaMaine Cresendo
MarylandManly deeds, womanly wordsFioraMaryland Duelists
MassachusettsBy the sword we seek peace, but peace only under libertyGarenMassachusetts Justice
MichiganIf you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you / I will defendGalioMichigan Colossus
MinnesotaThe star of the North / I long to see what is beyondAurelion SolMinnesota Comets
MississippiBy valor and armsApheliosMississippi Severum
MissouriThe Welfare of the People is the Highest LawViktorMissouri Evolution
MontanaGold and silverPikeMontana Rippers
NebraskaEquality before the lawCaitlynNebraska Peacemakers
NevadaAll for our countryDariusNevada Guillotine
New HampshireLive free or dieAlistarNew Hampshire Will
New JerseyLiberty and ProsperitySivirNew Jersey Hunt
New MexicoIt grows as it goesCho'GathNew Mexico Feast
New YorkEver Upward!SettNew York Haymakers
North CarolinaTo be, rather than to seemNeekoNorth Carolina Glamour
North DakotaStrength from the soilIvernNorth Dakota Daisies
OhioWith God, all things are possibleTaricOhio Radiance
OklahomaHard work conquers all thingsRyzeOklahoma Overload
OregonShe flies with her own wingsQuinn
Oregon Valor
PennsylvaniaVirtue, liberty, and independenceYasuocdav3m2 - Created LoL logos for each State in the USPennsylvania Tempest
Rhode IslandHopeAniviaRhode Island Rebirth
South CarolinaWhile I breathe, I hopeJannaSouth Carolina Storm
South DakotaUnder God the people ruleSorakaSouth Dakota Salvation
TennesseeAgriculture and commerceZyraTennessee Stranglethorns
Texas Curse
UtahIndustryOrnnaFPU9VB - Created LoL logos for each State in the USUtah Forge
VermontMay the 14th star shine brightLuxVermont Spark
VirginiaThus always to tyrantsSwainVirginia Vision
WashingtonBy and byNamiWashington Tide
West VirginiaMountaineers are always freeTeemoWest Virginia Guerrillas
WisconsinForwardRammusWisconsin Tremors
WyomingEqual RightsShen
Wyoming United

Note: Full gallery here.


Fun facts:

  • Really hard to find some fits for champs+mottos.
  • Lot of "God" in the mottos. Not a lot of League champs talk about God? Went with the fish because it was Florida. The others with "God" had associations with champ overall.
  • Surprised at the amount of "stars" mottos.
  • Had to do Tahm Kench and Louisiana, just because putting him anywhere else would've felt wrong.
  • Colors made it really difficult to design logos (State colors are on each team's page).
  • Favorite logos of mine are North Dakota and Tennessee.

We actually made a website for this league (join page here). And I guess, as of this post, we're open for signups? If you're interested, details are on the homepage.

Let me know what you think!

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