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It's common knowledge that there's a lot of Crowd Control in League, so I decided to take a closer look at the amount of CC that the League champs have access to.

Guidelines I used

  • Only abilities and passives that affect enemy champions are included
  • Abilities dependent on items for their CC are left out with exception of Fate’s Call and Augmented Gravity Field
  • All knock ups have a stun component in them, this is not counted unless the stun persists for longer than the knock-up duration (Ex. Sion's. The same logic is used for Flees and Charms, which both apply slows Decimating Smash)
  • Abilities that can trigger multiple forms of CC per cast count as two, so long as the type and duration of the CC is unique and doesn’t have shared cooldown. This excludes Renekton’s W from counting as 2
  • Each point of CC that can occur from an ability is included, even if they cannot simultaneously occur on the same target (Ex. Gnar Stun and Slow from his ultimate)
  • Abilities that have CC but gain multiple charges overtime are counted as 1 (Ex. Jhin’s Captive Audience, Teemo’s Noxious Traps), this does not apply to abilities like Jhin’s Curtain Call which can only be activated with 4 charges.
  • Sylas' Ultimate was left off of the list as it would overly complicate his numbers. With a Jhin, Urgot, Zac, Ashe, and Lee Sin on the enemy team, Sylas would be able to inflict up to 21 unique instances of CC in a game from his abilities
  • An ability is counted as having multiple forms of CC even if only 1 form of CC can occur per cast (Ex. Poppy R)
  • Forced Action Includes: Charms, Flees, and Taunts
  • Airborne includes: knock asides, knock-backs, knock-ups, and pulls.

Of the 725 Champion passives and abilities in league of legends 280 (39%) have a CC component.


There are 383 instances of CC as some abilities have multiple (Ex. Ashe arrow has a stun, slow, and knockdown).

7 Champions do not wield any CC: Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Katarina, Lucian, Master Yi, Nidalee, and Sivir.

6 Have CC on every ability: Gnar, Maokai, Ornn, Poppy, Sejuani, and Xin Zhao.

Slows are the most common form of CC at 152 .

Blind, Entangle, Polymorph, Sleep and Stasis are the rarest at 1.

Breakdown By Primary Role (According to OP.GG)

  • Top: 121 (31%)
  • Jungle 80 (21%)
  • Support 80 (21%)
  • Mid 72 (19%)
  • Bottom 30 (8%)

Queen of CC: Poppy 8 King of CC: Gnar 8

Urgot’s Fear beyond Death and Viktor’s Gravity Field both have 4 distinct types of CC, the most of any single ability.

Here is a spreadsheet containing all of the abilities and their CC classifications:
edit?usp=sharing - Crowd Control in League of Legends


This information was gathered from the League of Legends website, OP.GG, the League of Legends fandom page, as well as my own gameplay and experimenting.

Edit: I have added Lulu's polymorph into it's own class because it combines both disarm and silence

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