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CvMax comments about Sword

LeagueofLegends3 - CvMax comments about Sword

This is a rough translation of the summary of CvMax's Twitch stream.

(Here's the clip: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/499847180 )

(Here's the full Korean transcript. Important parts are highlighted blue: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=leagueoflegends3&no=2366124&s_type=search_all&s_keyword=씨맥&page=1 )

A) The reason I'm going to say all of this straight off.

  1. I'm not a 'good man'

  2. I'm not a part of Griffin anymore

  3. I don't like pros who aren't good at League of Legends.

  4. They didn't respect me. They are so ungrateful too.

B) Why I used Doran instead of Sword and Swords complaints

Yeah, Doran was bad at that time. But I explained this multiple times. (CvMax aimed for the summoners cup, so he tried to give experience to Doran and boost his potential) Of course, I told them. I told the players. I told Sword. I kept telling Sword. I told everyone. Doran was supposed to play as the top laner from the beginning until the final round of the Worlds. Sword said he understood and accepted my decision. He was like 'Of course, I shouldn't go out'

But later I found out that there he had complaints about me. I didn't know that. He complained about this to Kim Dong-woo. I still don't know what this is. Why wouldn't he talk to me when he had a problem with me? I mean, if you're dissatisfied with me, you have to tell me…

C) What Cho said to Doran.


This is what Cho said to Doran after I got fired. 'Cho wants Doran to play, but CvMax doesn't.' It was the complete opposite. It's was a lie. I was so angry that he lied. I was so pissed off. And I thought, "What a piece of crap?"

D) What I think about Sword

Tarzan, Chovy, Viper, Lehends. This line-up. It's a world-class line-up. Really. But if one player is bad, it's gonna be a 'big hole' even though the other four are good. I kept saying this to Sword. I thought he understood.

I didn't see the interview, but I checked it later. When I saw it, I was really mad. All I ever thought was 'this guy has no conscience'. And I'm supposed to be the coach who 'protects the player'? Yeah, but I don't want to do that anymore. I don't see him as a human being anymore.

When he comes to Korea, I'd like him to call me or meet me and say whatever he has to say.

The team shouldn't be loosing. Sword should feel guilty.

I just feel so sorry for Doran. And the other four. I feel sorry that they lost with that talent.

E) About my interview about 'weakening Sword'

It was a lip service. I didn't try to weaken him. I always told him to be aggressive. But he couldn't and eventually, he went for Doran's Shield. I said that to protect his self-esteem as a player. And when I said that, I thought he understood what I meant.

Later I knew he really thought I weakened him. So I talked to him one-on-one. I said 'How could you and Cho be fooled by my lip service?' We talked about an hour. It worked out well. I thought everything was solved at that time. But if you think about it now, if you look at all the situations that are going on, I mean, maybe I was fooled, even at that moment.

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