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CvMAX drops another bomb for griffin

LeagueofLegends6 - CvMAX drops another bomb for griffin


Translated by myself

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  1. Jo Kyu Nam suggest abusing for tarzan.
  2. He already signed. He'll start working next month in LCK
  3. CvMax received around 1.0000.0000 krW for yr. (about 100k$) Jo Kyu Nam said that's top 3 for head coach, which doesn't feel true.
  4. Jo Kyu Nam forbid player exercising.
  5. CvMax want to share the situation of Kanavi. CvMax also partly believes that he lost his passion a lot after final.
  6. Kanavi transfered to JD as loan
  7. During his loan JD contacted Kanavi they wanted to offer 5 yrs contract, which Kanavi rejected
  8. Next day Jo Kyu Nam called Kanabi and threatened that Kanavi commited tampering crime and he will be forced to retire.
  9. Kanavi apologized to Jo Kyu Nam in fear
  10. Jo Kyu Nam told Kanavi that he'll try his best to cover up
  11. Later, Jo Kyu Nam told Kanavi to sign 3 yrs or 5 yrs deal which Kanavi rejected.
  12. Jo Kyu Nam clamed that he must sign 5 yrs deal, and Kanavi signed the unfair 5 yrs deal.
  13. In desperation Kanavi called CvMax that he want to retire. (CvMax actually cried at this part)
  14. In return Jo Kyu Nam received hefty sum of money for transfer. None of them were passed to Kanavi and CvMax.
  15. CvMax confessed that he was disappointed that he did not get any part of this money. And he admits that he's a bad man too.
  16. CvMax is very disappointed that some players actually love Jo Kyu Nam because he speaks so sweat. CvMax really regrets that he did not care players enough like Jo Kyu Nam
  17. Some claims that CvMax slowed down intentionally, but he claims otherwise because he don't have family, girlfriend, any other relationship other than griffin. He have no reason for it.
  18. He already have all the evidence to back up his claim. He's ready for lawsuit.
  19. He didn't wanted reveal this information, but it looks like Jo Kyu Nam have so many friends in mass-media that he can bury CvMax easily. They can blame him for loss or they can claim they overcame 'trouble'.

Update coming

  1. First offer for Kanavi was 4 yrs, but it somehow became 5 yrs.

  2. CvMax also suspects that JD and Jo Kyu Nam knew how things went on, because Kanavi did not tell anything about the contact but Jo Kyu Nam called him very next day.

  3. Griffin never contacted CvMax after firing him.

  4. Sword claimed on the interview that CvMax was not telling the truth, not protecting their loved players. CvMax said he didn't do any wrong and even if he did, they should have contacted him personally.

  5. Protect loving players? What about me? Why don't you think about me?

  6. CvMax watched the movie whiplash, but his coaching could be stronger.

  7. CvMax scolded players quite harsh, but he was sure that he will be trusted whatsoever for he was speaking what's best for them.

Update coming

  1. Anybody remember lehends's ID "하등생물중최고"? (Best among lowly creatures) There is a story behind it.

  2. CvMax says that Tarzan is very logical and tries to stay neutral. So he don't got much to tell about him.

  3. He's not sure if Kanavi's parents knew about this whole thing. Maybe not, which make him feel sorry.

  4. CvMax won't calculate before he talk anything. If he dies for it, he will not regret it. He will respect the rule and not lie.

  1. CvMax also reveals that trainees did not get good pc, good chair, good desk. Jo Kyu Nam also made trainees to eat after starters. Which made them eat what's left.

Manager usually ordered fried chicken for starters, but coaches cooked instant ramen for trainees.

  1. Kanavi trained 17 hrs a day on that shitty PC. Amazing.

(Jo Kyu Nam is 3rd on hottest word on Naver (something like yahoo))

  1. When sword told CvMax "You need to grow up" after he was fired, he was really mad but did not respond.

  2. He still don't think sword is an evil man. He never was bad.

  1. During Kanavi's transfer, CvMax was completely out circled. Jo Kyu Nam claimed that he did not contribute to Kanavi, which made him fed up and turn away.

  2. CvMax did not knew about this whole thing, until he recently met Kanavi.

  1. Jo Kyu Nam asked CvMax about Rather as a coach. CvMax responed he can be a great coach or great head coach.

  2. Jo Kyu Nam actually trusted CvMax on his perspective on talent. Won't lie about it.

end of stream. 10:00 pm KST.

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