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LeagueofLegends11 - dade Award page update on Leaguepedia

Tl;dr: We fucked up. We're not putting any non-SI information anymore on this page. I'm really sorry for the content, it's not representative of the wiki as a whole.

Hi, first of all I want to apologize for us having the dade award page in its previous state. It was not in keeping with our normal standards of citation and neutrality of source. One of our contributors wanted a page documenting the dade Award, and I thought it sounded like a good idea to have a reference for people unfamiliar with the award to look up information about it. But when there weren't any notable sources to cite for the past two years (especially this current year) I never should have approved any content being hosted there. We've since removed all content more recent than 2016 from the page and are debating removing 2016 as well since we can't find an original Summoning Insight citation for that year. (If anyone has such a source pls let us know and we'll add)

It was made pretty clear yesterday that there was no consensus in the community or from analysts about who should get the award from the past two years, and we were completely wrong to have any information suggesting otherwise; even with a notice saying that the article has the author's opinions expressed, it's not appropriate for us to include any kind of content that doesn't have community basis. That said I want to be completely clear that the reason for the removal is not "there was a large backlash" but rather the simple reason of "it was suggested to us that we improve this." If there had been no reddit post but someone had just joined our Discord and suggested this change we probably would have made it anyway.


A lot of people brought up points that the dade Award is hurtful to players involved. I completely agree with this opinion, though it wasn't really a contributing factor to the decision to remove the content that we removed. That said, the award has had a large presence in the scene over the years, and it would be disingenuous to pretend it never existed. So we aren't deleting the page completely, but we won't be adding any new content to it either.

Finally I just want to say that the wiki is not a monolith of a single opinion of view point. Not everyone wanted to have the page period. And literally no one intended to have us "award" it – the page's author legitimately believed that he was writing up general community consensus on the matter, and I greenlit it because I believed the same thing. Clearly this was a mistake, and we've taken action to correct it.

As always we're a community resource and we are happy to take feedback on any of our content, layout, data presentation, what we include, etc. If you ever see something you think is incorrect or misleading please let me or any of our editors know.

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