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Damwon vs Suning / Worlds Conclusion “Library Region” Reactions

LeagueofLegends7 - Damwon vs Suning / Worlds Conclusion "Library Region" Reactions

I took the most upvoted comments on a few Hupu threads for you guys to enjoy. I might paraphrase things a bit to make it easier to read/understand.

G2 toplaner Wunder says – "without korean solo laners LPL cannot win"


"Season 8 brought solo laners that smashed their lanes, season 9 brought players that made the team invincible with their teamwork and coordination."


"It really do be like that…"


"How am I supposed to say Wunder is wrong? Until we can prove that statement wrong and win without Koreans, it stands. It's so strange, LCK has all their talent dug out every year and they still have enough new players to form superteams?"

Is there a worse ADC in the LoL scene than our Huanfeng?





(you get the point)

Does huanfeng feel no shame? He's still up there at the press conference HAPPY.


Reply: 不是每个人都是科比,也没必要要求别人怎么样

Reply: 你是科比粉丝吗?你这么要求自己的吗?为什么要这么要求别人呢?


"As Kobe once said, second place is just the #1 loser.

Reply : not everyone is Kobe, and nobody needs you to tell them what to do

Reply: are you a Kobe fan? do you follow this quote in your own life? If you can't even be the best loser in anything yourself, why do you push that biggest loser title onto others?"

Note : what's funny is the original poster completely missed the entire meaning of the Kobe quote


It's his first year in the LPL and he made it to the finals, what do you want him to do, cry?


All you who say second place is for losers, I expect you all made it into Qingbei? (Tsinghua University or Beijing University, the "No. 1" schools)

It's weird to think the team that everyone thought would get smashed went out with an insane bang


The other three seeds must be green with envy. No expectations broken there at ALL


The 3rd seed lost to a 1st seed. Meh, I'll take it!


The strong opinion is because they're third seed. LGD went out in groups as expected, and everyone forgot already lol

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