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Designing Mythics that fill gaps left by the current system

LeagueofLegends10 - Designing Mythics that fill gaps left by the current system

Yesterday, on the front page of this subreddit, a post stated that Riot failed to address (one of many of) their preseason goals, specifically, making multiple viable Mythic options for each champion.

In addition to failing to create multiple viable options, some champions have no options that work well with their kit. I created several items that help cater to these problems. Here is TL;DR, and below that you will find detailed stats and passives for each item.

ItemWho it is designed forNiche (what role it would play in the item system)
StarsplitterMarksmen who relied on an early Infinity Edge or Essence reaver spike, or who don't want the early attack speed from other mythics. (Jinx, Xayah, Lucian, Draven, Jhin, Cait, etc)Fixes the issue of giving marksmen stats they don't want and creates an option for raw AD users. Helps crit users get to the Infinity Edge spike without being useless early.
Petricite CrestTanks who don't want to build Sunfire, but need to be tankier than locket provides (tank Galio, Alistar, Leona, Rell, etc)Sunfire items are too expensive for tank supports, and locket doesn't give them enough tankiness. This also offers peel.
Shard of the SundiskMidrange battlemages who don't care about the burn. They typically do more sustained damage earlier, but burstier damage later (Ryze, Swain, Lissandra, Karma, etc).Other than Night Harvester and Protobelt, there is no health available on mythic items for mages. This item also encourages aggressive play, which is not a common theme among mage mythics. Aims to be a more interactive Rod of Ages replacement.
ShadowbaneSupportive tanks and some enchanters who can't effectively use Moonstone or Shureyla's Battlesong. (Taric, Braum, Tahm Kench, some enchanters such as Lulu)Building Ardent Censer (unless you have 2+ basic attackers on your team) is useless because you can't prevent the marksmen from being bursted. Serves as a combination of Moonstone and Shureyla's.
Lunari HarbingerAP Assassins who don't work well with Riftmaker or Night Harvester, as well as some AP Champions who don't have an item at all. (Diana, Evelynn, Elise, Nidalee, and maybe even Sylas).Currently, Night Harvester is the best option for AP Junglers, but AP Junglers are still looking weak. Also gives more options to AP assassins. Prowler's claw, but for AP.
Beastjaw CutlassBruisers who want to end the fight before they would need to use Goredrinker. Is also a non-spellblade bruiser item. (Darius, Urgot, Hecarim, Gnar)Meant to synergize with bruisers without gapclosers or bruisers that don't have an item that is optimal for them (ex: Kraken Slayer Urgot doesn't want crit).

Full item stats and descriptions below!

Starsplitter – Spellweave and Burst

50 Attack Damage

20 Ability Haste

20% Critical Strike Chance

UNIQUE – Heaven’s Descent: Your first Critical Strike against an enemy champion does 50%-150% bonus damage and grants you 15% Attack Speed for 3 seconds (20 second cooldown per champion).


Mythic Passive Bonus: 10 AD

Petricite Crest – Teamfight Control

15 Ability Haste

25 Armor

25 Magic Resist

50% Mana Regen

50% Health Regen

UNIQUE – Dauntless Vanguard: Upon immobilizing an enemy champion, slow them by 20% for 2 seconds (20 second cooldown per champion).

UNIQUE Active – Bannerman: Slow all nearby enemies by 40% for 3 seconds and taunt the nearest enemy champion (60 second cooldown, reduced by Ability Haste).

Mythic Passive Bonus: 5% Ability Haste

Shard of the Sundisk – Skirmish Mage

60 Ability Power

200 Health

200 Mana

10% Ability Haste

UNIQUE – Sands of Eons: Upon damaging an enemy champion with an ability, mark them for 3 seconds. If they die while the mark is active, gain 10% Movement Speed, 5 Ability Haste, and 5 Ability Power until out of champion combat, stacking additively with each kill.

Subsequent damage on the same champion refreshes the mark.

Mythic Passive Bonus: 15 Ability Power

Shadowbane – Ally Protection

200 Health

10 Ability Haste

50% Mana Regen

50% Health Regen

25% Heal and Shield Power

UNIQUE Active – Sigil: Designate an allied champion as a Keeper (60 Second Cooldown).

UNIQUE – Sentinel’s Protection: If the Keeper would fall below 30% of their maximum health, they gain a 150-450 (based on Keeper level) shield, 10 armor, and 10 magic resist for 3 seconds. Additionally, their most recent champion attacker is stunned for 1.5 seconds (90 second cooldown).

Sigil cannot be placed on a champion in possession of an item with UNIQUE: Lifeline. If they are eligible to be designated, they will gain UNIQUE: Lifeline and will not be able to purchase items with the same effect.

Mythic Passive Bonus: 5% Heal and Shield Power, 5 Ability Haste

Lunari Harbinger – Assassination

85 Ability Power

10 Ability Haste

UNIQUE Active – Moonrise: Dash in a line through the target enemy's location, and upon completing the dash, deal 100 (+ 15% Ability Power) magic damage to the target and increase your damage dealt to them by 15% for the next 3 seconds (60 second cooldown).

UNIQUE – Duskpetal Dust: While outside of enemy vision, gain 5% Mana Regen and 5% Health Regen.

Mythic Passive Bonus: 10 Ability Power and 40 Health

Beastjaw Cutlass – Teamfight Bruiser

50 Attack Damage

20 Ability Haste

200 Health

UNIQUE – Relentless: Damaging an enemy champion grants 10 Movement Speed until out of champion combat, stacking up to 5 times total (1 per unique champion damaged).

UNIQUE Active – Bountyhunter: At maximum stacks of Relentless, activate to slash in a circle, damaging enemies increased based on their missing health. Additionally, double your Movement Speed from Relentless for 5 seconds.

Mythic Passive Bonus: 5% Tenacity and 5 Attack Damage.

That's all! Keep in mind that I'm not a game designer, so the numbers are probably wonky. It's the concept that counts. Thanks for reading.

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