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“Distance travelled” Eternals are lame as fuck

LeagueofLegends12 - "Distance travelled" Eternals are lame as fuck

Ah, good ol' eternals causing controversy since minute 1.

Eternals are already low-effort cosmetics, but the "distance travelled" Eternals are a fucking joke.

They don't demonstrate any skill at all, thing that Eternals are meant to do.

Here are all the "distance travelled" Eternals:

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As you can see, all of these Eternals make no sense. I could understand a couple of them but most of these champions don't rely on movement at all.

Sadly, ignoring the stupidity behind the idea of these Eternals, there's another problem: they're measured in the metric system. ????????

Whenever i see someone with these eternals i have literally no idea how much they have travelled. I could get an idea if it were measured in units, like every other distance based item/spell.

tbh i don't know what Riot was thinking when making these specific eternals. How could you look at them and say: "this is a really skill expresive eternal, considering i have to PAY for this."

Especially Shyvana and Quinn, i hate them the most. it makes no sense at all

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