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Do you love lore? I made a D&D Campaign about Runeterra, with Playable League Characters.

LeagueofLegends2 - Do you love lore? I made a D&D Campaign about Runeterra, with Playable League Characters.

People Love Runeterra, but the game is completely detached from the Lore

A lot of people in the League Community love the lore of Runeterra, and specially the characters inside this world. Jhin, Yasuo, Vel'koz, league has a wide array of characters with great backstories, personalities and motivations. However, in-game you really don't have time to be thinking about these things, so I decided to make a D&D Campaign about League Characters, so I could experience what's like to truly be immersed as a Champion in Runeterra.

In Dungeons and Dragons you can put together a group of friends, get some pencils, some paper, some dice, and after an hour of reading and discussing specifics, you can be roleplaying as Darius having a fight to the death with Illaoi in a harbor dock. However, truly immersive experiences are harder to create, and so I'll be showing a concept for a story I've been tinkering with.

The Catacombs of The Great Sai

This is an adventure about a strange earthquake in The Great Sai, the ample desert of Shurima. To follow along you can use the official
en GB - Do you love lore? I made a D&D Campaign about Runeterra, with Playable League Characters.

Runeterra Interactive Map. I'm still working on the full doc with the details for the campaign, but here are previews of Camille, Blitzcrank, Katarina and
Viktor's character sheets.


Noxus' intel situated in Bel'zhun, a city in the northern territory of Shurima, have informed Swain of a violent earthquake dating 2 weeks prior, who's epicenter is estimated to be just north of the Sun Disk. The earth tremor was followed by a terrible storm, its rain so acid cloth exposed to it dissolved into ashes. However, the worse news was the confirmation that all the merchants who were scheduled to arrive at the coastal outpost went missing after the incident.

Swain has had spies infiltrated in Piltover's elite for some time. The Piltovian portuary infrastructure compels all routes coming into Valoran from the south to pass through their small city state, thus generating a lot of wealth. The parasitic relationship between Piltover and Noxus makes the Noxian Grand General flinch in disgust. After deliberating about the news from Bel'zhun, Swain decides to send a message to the Ferros Clan, requesting an expedition to evaluate the damage on a compromised route. This was his pretext to get extra intel on his biggest pet peeve at the moment.

Camille Ferros, the principal intelligencer of the Ferros Clan, is a woman of logic. Knowing the road ahead, she calculated the best company she could have by her side. She would need a resilient, preferably enhanced being, who could help her and wouldn't inadvertently give any information to the Noxian intelligence agent accompanying her. After an 8 hour travel to the depths of Zaun, she met up with Blitzcrank and pressured him to join her party, by dangling in front of him an insignificant reduction of the chemical emissions on the factories her family oversees. Unfortunately for her, Zaun has ears in every corner, and Viktor, who had been curious about Shurima ever since a certain incident with a powerful crystal, saw this a golden ticket. He ambushed the party of two on their departure to Noxus, and blackmailed Camille into letting him partake in the expedition, by threatening to expose some of her family's shady business in Zaun.


Arrived at Noxus, Camille met Swain in the central tower of the Shrine of the Wolf, at the heart of the empire's capital. Upon asking where the last member(s) of the party was, Swain let out a smirk as he held his crow in one finger, and without taking his eyes off his pet, he uttered "she should be meeting your friends around this second". Camille stormed off into the balcony of Swain's study, and jumped off the 50 ft tall tower, using her Hookshot on the tower to redirect herself down south, in the direction of the market where Blitzcrank and Viktor were wandering through.

The Gist of the Story I'm trying to tell through the Roleplay

The idea will be to run an adventure that starts in Noxus, where players get a breathe of that gothic Roman aesthetic, then move into Zaun's polluted gaze and all the life spurring from its crowded streets, and finally into Shuriman territory where our Champions will follow the merchant's routes. I've already started thinking about some side quests on all 3 regions, that could allow the characters to further their objective. In Noxus Camille overhears something she should, In Zaun Katarina strays from the group to buy information about who's pulling the strings, and in Shurima Viktor might find his crystal. I've also started adapting some items from League that our characters can find as loot and equip for better stats, like Iceborn Gauntlet for Blitz. In the end of their journey and after being attracted to beasts with a weird mutations leading them down the right path, they'll notice an underground entrance into the catacombs of the great sai, where they'll find swarms of tiny void creatures everywhere trying to lay eggs, with 3 boss fights as 3 void inspired creatures (Not sure if I'll do champions or not). I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, and I'm wishing for ideas about monsters to use and lore places to visit.

TL;DR: D&D adventure through Noxus, Zaun and the Shuriman Desert, where Viktor, Blitzcrank, Camille and Katarina will move as a party until they reach The Catacombs of the Great Sai, where a certain Void creature plans on leading a large scale invasion, with plans to become the supreme ruler of all Runeterra. Made some playable League D&D characters linked above.

If you want to learn about D&D

If you know nothing about D&D,

, and if you're interested in learning more, here's an
official rule set. If you're bold, use this info graphic and march head into an adventure of your choice, with your handy google assistant every time you don't understand something that's written. (Disclaimer: this will be hella counter productive, just spend one hour or so reading the rules or the player's handbook cough pdfs are available online cough if you want to get into it).

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