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Do You Think Mental Health and Support Staff Affect LoLEsports Performance?

LeagueofLegends13 - Do You Think Mental Health and Support Staff Affect LoLEsports Performance?

League of Legends is a game that requires a lot of mental fortitude. Not only to strategize and know how to use yours abilities in the correct ways, but to also weather the community.

People who play professionally get the same abuse we get in game, but amplified over Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Players have had social media blackouts and have stopped coming to subreddits (especially this one) because of the mental toll it takes on them, listening day in and day out to people who hate them.

And it affects performance. A few years back, TSM lost a critical game. And people gave them a lot of shit for it. Turns out, part of that was because a fan had been stalking them at their gaming house and stealing their food. These players were stressed because of a situation like that and still stood on stage and played a decent game.


Several players have stopped playing because of depression and lack of support. Esports organizations have tried to combat this by adding more support professionals to their teams and making sure that people can get the mental care they need to stay in the game.

However, we have some people in the game and the scene who aren't as supportive. For fans, I don't think it will ever be completely erased. But what about staff and professionals?

Today, a coach for Flyquest stated that they did not think depression was an illness. It was a "made up excuse" and that people could just get over it and stop being "a little weak bi*ch".

In an environment where players are already under high pressure, which attitude do you think will help more players succeed at a high level?

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