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Dopa’s KR top/mid/adc tier list

LeagueofLegends2 - Dopa's KR top/mid/adc tier list


Top Lane:

  • Nuguri > Khan > Sword/Doran

Mid Lane:

  • Before 20 minutes: Showmaker >>> Chovy = Faker
  • After 20 minutes: Faker >>>>>>>>> Chovy, Showmaker


  • Depends

Winning Probability/Overall Team Score:

  • SKT > DWG > GRF


  • Dopa does not watch worlds. He only watches the semi finals and finals. Therefore, his thoughts are purely based off what he observed when he played with/against them in solo que.

  • Just because a player is last place on this list does not mean that player is bad.

  • Omits jg/supp at the beginning of the video since Dopa believes he doesn't know enough about them to make a solid list.

  • Believes that soloq skill (at least for top/mid/adc) is a good indication of how well they will play in pro play.


  • Dopa believes Nuguri has a very good understanding of the game.

  • Dopa thinks Khan always wins lane. He has never seen Khan lose lane when he played with him.

  • Dopa repeats once again that he believes Sword/Doran is still very good and people should not think they are bad based off this list.


  • Showmaker is so fucking good. He plays lane very well because he knows how to deal a lot of damage in lane (this is what he says literally, but I think he means showmaker has very good lane pressure). It is without a doubt that he is the best midlaner. He thinks soloq is a lot more comfortable without showmaker in his games.

  • Dopa's friend (edit: cvMax, former coach for Griffin): you're actually crazy putting Chovy below Showmaker.

  • However, Dopa believes that after 20 minutes, no one can beat Faker. He thinks Faker has shown time and time again that he is able to excel at this stage in the game on the big stage. He believes Faker has the best fundamentals and is the best all-round player.

Botlane Carry

  • Dopa thinks he has to look at this case a little bit differently. He thinks for ADCs it's more important for the player to be in synergy with his team.


  • If you combined everyone's soloq "score" then SKT is the best. Khan will hold the early game and Faker will carry past 20 minutes. If SKT makes it out of groups they have the highest probability of winning as long as Faker is playing. He doesn't really need to think about SKT. He believes in Faker and he thinks everyone else thinks the same (he mentions last years worlds when korea was knocked out, everyone was saying "if only skt was there.")

  • Very uneasy about DWG since this is their first worlds appearance. Believes it's possible for DWG to not make it out of play-ins/groups due to inexperience. However, if they make it out of groups, he believes they have a high chance of making it to the finals.


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