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Dopa’s thought on supports

LeagueofLegends10 - Dopa's thought on supports

If everyone's on the same tier I think supports are the worst at league. I believed in this for a very long time more then 5 years. Why ? It needs a deep and long analysis hear me out. When you lane you need to be aware of 3 things yourself, opponent and cs each has its own mechanism and interactions and rules that you need to play by. Top, adc, sup all has the same mindgame with these 3 factors tho in different ways. However there is 1 thing sup doesn't do they don't last hit cs. ofc they will try disrupting the opponent to miss the cs but thats the same across the board. Because of this sup should ofc be able to spellcheck and read the map. Last hitting cs is very very difficult but sup don't need to allocate attention to it which is a very very huge advantage. But in soloq sup most of the time does not do what they ofc should do which is spellcheck checking minimap and pinging enemy positions across the map. If a adc needs 100 attention to actually function inside the game sup will need less then 80 and thus sup can climb higher with less skill then other lanes. JG btw plays a different game completely with the other 4 players with different factors to allocate attention and is getting harder every season as more and more factors keeps getting added. When bot loses most of the time its the sup fault. Like if sup and adc are fighting 90% of the time its the sup fault when I look at the replay. On the same Elo from silver to rank 1 supports tend to be much worse at skillshot, focusing and judgement. Examples? in league the person who uses flash first in a fight has a huge advantage sup can always use flash first and can exploit the enemy adc's attention being spread to the cs in laning phase or other opponents in teamfights. However even when sup's initiate the fight so many times they lose like 50/50 in soloq why is that? because they are worse. Exceptions? not even pros are different. Maybe mata? who changed how supports played? I said on the same level. You can't bring players like mata or beryl to contradict me. Thats like me saying average man are stronger then average women and you bringing in a women ufc fighter to kick my ass. If you want to compare players like mata or beryl you should do so with pawn or showmaker. Sup are def important and should be respected however I can't stand it when sup's act like they are better at the game and start pinging shit ideas and flamechat. However important mid lane is it does not hold more then 25% share of the game even in a bad game a midlaner would have more then 15% influence on the game. Chovy is different? no thats just you not knowing the game. Mid, top adc can all play sup if you look at op.gg stats on sub-role mid and adc's actually has higher then 50% winrate on sup which is insane since every "main"role has 50% winrate. While sup when they go other lanes tend to be shit. In conclusion in league the initiator has the higher ground and since most sup has hard cc they usually initiate. Don't act like you carried a fight when ofc its a timing fight you should have won. When sup act and chat like they are actually good at "league" and order me about I really really become sick like I want to throw up. I'm not being sarcastic or funny about all this this is 100% my real true opinions.


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