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Dumb Malphite Strategy

LeagueofLegends5 - Dumb Malphite Strategy

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today, it is with great honor and pleasure that i introduce you :

Dumb Malphite toplane strategy.

1) Runes :

To play dumb Malphite; you are gonna need to play Comet, with manaflow band, transcendence and scorch on your main tree. Paired with Demolish (and depending on the matchup, either second wind, overgrowth or conditionning.) You'll also pick Adaptive force, and then either twice the armor, twice the mr or once of each (once again depending on your matchup and the jungler)

1.5) Summoners spells :

Tp and Flash. Everytime.

1.75) Skill order :

R > Q > E > W. Everytime.

2) Items :

In order to play this correctly, you are gonna have to start your game with an Elixir, that will allow you to spam your q on lane, and heal for a lot in the early laning phase. Your goal, is to reach 750 golds. So you can back tp with a Dark seal and a Doran ring on your fingers. At this point, you are huge.

But this wont last.

At that point, it's time to chose which Malphite you'll turn into.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Because what happens when you reach those builds isnt what we are gonna talk about today._ (IF YOU WANNA A GUIDE ABOUT HOW AND WHY TO PLAY EACH TYPE OF MAPHITE INCLUDING THOSE ABOVE PLUS SOME OTHERS, HIT ME IN THE COMMENTS)_

Today folks, we are gonna talk about laning phase.

3) The Gameplay :

When you play dumb Malphite, you have to follow very basics steps :

Step 1 : When you enter the game, tell your jungler to gank your lane once or twice very early into the game (before 4 minutes) and then never set a foot in the topside of the map for about 20 minutes (at least until laning phase is over)

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Step 2 : While laning, you have to poke as much as you can with your Q. The best rythm is to hit one Q, wait until the manaflow is halfway through is cd, hit another one, and then repeat this when the manaflow is up again.


Step 3 : Over extend. This strategy is about one thing : Being dumb. You want the ennemy jungler to gank you.

Step 4 : Be dumb. So this steps means : Don't ward (and ofc don't buy pinks). Ever. Don't deward. Ever.

Step 5 : Dodge ganks. You will be maxing Q, and keeping your R for this. If the jungler comes behind you, as soon as he is in range, ult right on him and Q him. You will increase the range between you and the other toplaner, bumping the jungler so he loses time, and slowing him while making yourself faster. You should be able to not lose any hp.

Step 6 : Repeat.

The explanation :

The goal of this strategy is to create a lead toplane. To be very threatening in the early game, and to force the ennemy jungler to come top to help his laner.

Malphite is very strong in the early game, speacially with this build (items and runes) and he doesnt need to be fed to be usefull in teamfights (the ult).

So, by saying to your jungler to stay in the bottom side of the map, and by following those steps. You will basicly give the ennemy team two options : Either they play 4v5 because you will annihilate almost any opponent if the doesnt get any help. Or, they play 2v1 topside, and your team is 4v3 bottomside.

Because you told your jungler to stay bot, not only will all of his normal ganks be all bot and mid, but when he sees the ennemy jungler top, he will be able to counter jungle, and gank bot and mid with the confidence that he will not get counterganked.

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By following this strat: Your team will get a lead; and will only need you to press R in fight to win it, because they will be ahead.

This is how this thing works.

I managed to get an 18 winning streak on Malphite in low diamond in EUW in the beginning of season 8.

Trust me. It works.

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