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DWG Nuclear Interviews Showmaker

LeagueofLegends8 - DWG Nuclear Interviews Showmaker

Today, Nuclear received questions from fans in his stream, and interviewed Showmaker via Discord.

Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/793608612


Someone wrote a summary of this interview in dcinside DWG community, and this post is the translation of this post.

Source: https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=dwg&no=128066



All Damwon members are currently staying at a guesthouse in Korea for 14-day quarantine.

The interview is done in casual manner. They were having fun and joking around a lot so keep that in mind!


Part 1


Q. Mint Chocolate vs Pineapple Pizza

A. Neither. If I have to choose one, pineapple pizza. Mint chocolate is not food


Q. Pro player that you respect the most?

A. I respect many players. First, It’s not Nuclear. I think Faker is the player I look up the most


Q. Why did you say It’s not Nuclear

A. To make you feel good since you were expecting yourself


Q. Closest pro-player outside the team? can be picked internationally too.

A. I am only close to my teammates.


Q. If you have to pick one

A. None!


Q. Which point of time did you realize that you are a world-class player?

A. I still think I lack something as a player.


Q. Answer again.

A. When people in China recognized me, I felt I am a world-class.


Q. You spent two months in Shanghai Hotel. What was your usual day like?

A. Nothing special. I woke up, played game, eat and sleep.


Q. What was your way to let off some stress during Worlds?

A. I didn’t have any ways. I wasn’t that stressed in the first place.

Nuclear: Of course, no stress winning worlds.


Q. Favorite food & favorite Chinese food during Worlds

A. Fire noodle and Chapagetti (Korean instant noodles) provided by Damwon. I didn’t try Chinese food that much so I cannot remember.


Q. What do you want to do after 14-day quarantine?

A. All my friends are doing military service right now and they are receiving short vacation soon so I want to hang out with them.


Showmaker: Annoying Canyon is my daily routine now.

Q: I thought Canyon is the one who bullies you first (playfully)

A: If we fight in real life, I lose so I can’t complain.


Q: What do you think of Canyon’s belly

A: When I try to touch his belly, he hits me. I am not allowed to touch.

Nuclear: I can since I am allowed.


Q: What do you think of Ghost’s sense of humor?

A: If he wasn’t older than me..

Nuclear: You would beat the shit out of him?

Showmaker: Don’t twist my words.


Q: Why did you pick Twisted Fate for the Worlds skin?

A: I played tf since it was op this season. The champ helped us a lot this Worlds. I used to be Syndra one-trick, so I also wanted to pick Syndra too. However, Syndra already has Worlds skin.

Q: So profit is important?

A: Yes


Q: Rank Damwon members by appearance

A: Last place – Showmaker. First place – Not Nuclear. Flame.


Q: Ideal type?

A: Someone who likes me

Q: Answer again

A: Stop trying to spice up things. Someone who likes me is my type.


Q: Were you worried for any backlash after you mentioned “Shanghai Library”?

A: Not really. The word “library” was already used before. I remember FPX members used it last year. I don’t think it is controversial.


Q: What was your reaction after you solo-killed Caps in semifinals?

A: Caps stepped in when he wasn’t supposed to. I assume there was a mistake in G2’s call. I think the kill made after I used teleport to toplane was a much better play than the solo-kill.


Q: How did your teammates react to the solokill?

A: No reaction. I was kind of disappointed. I was expecting my team to cheer me while I act cool like it was nothing but that didn’t happen. No one cheered for me so It was a bummer.


Q: Any pledges to make if you are voted for All-Star?

A: Don’t think I will be chosen…

Nuclear: I agree.


Q: What is your opinion on Damwon’s Fiora pick in finals.

A: It was semifinals, against G2

Q: What is your opinion on Damwon’s Fiora pick in semifinals, game 2.

A: Daeny (coach) was against Fiora. Zefa (Head Coach) let us decide which champ to play. The moment we had to decide, Nuguri’s brain stopped and said “Just give me anything”. Daeny recommened other champ (didn’t mention which) but Beryl picked Fiora on his own. I trusted Nuguri’s Fiora but result was not good. I think it was too difficult to use Fiora at that moment in the first place.


Q: What was your reaction when you realized 4th game against G2 was the shortest game in Worlds history?

A: I felt good. G2 is a team that does not fall off easily and they rotate well by assigning players to right place at right time. But at that game, we crushed them early and didn’t even let them rotate in the first place.

Q: Who carried that game in your opinion?

A: POG was Beryl but mid was a blind pick, I made a solo-kill, I burned enemy’s flash, (Nuclear trying to move on to next question) I had great laning phase, I fed Caitlyn using tf ult, I did spell-checks. Of course, not saying I carried the game.


Q: Now you are back to KR, any players you want to play duo queue with?

A: None. I am not playing any ranked games right now


Q: How was your life before you joined Damwon?

A: I was just an ordinary student who liked to play games. I have played League 6~7 years since grade 6. When I was in middle school, I wanted to become public servants, so I focused on studying. But I went through puberty and started playing games only. There was this incident. I lied to my parents that I am volunteering and skipped private school. I went to PC café and played Fifa online instead. I got caught later but I insisted not attending private school anymore since Fifa was my life back then. I ran away from home after. My mom gave up arguing so I ended up not having to study and just play games ever since. I was a diamond 1 jungler in high school. When I was in grade 11, I was interested in playing team game so I started participating in tournaments. At that time, I was syndra one-trick so my role was mid. I practiced other champions too and also hit challenger. Then, Damwon contacted me.


Q: What was original members' reactions when you first joined the team?


A: There were Hoit and Beryl in the team, and Nuguri and I joined the team together. There was Crush in the jungle. All members were so kind to me so my life as a pro player has been really smooth.


Part 2


Q: How is my interviewing skills so far

A: You suck. I am carrying this interview.


Q: Your favorite champion?

A: Katarina. I am Katarina, Yone two-trick in off-season.


Q: What was the happiest and saddest moments in your professional career?

A: When we lost 0-3 to SKT in 19 summer play-offs. I played really bad and got sad. In post interview with the fans, I said “This was my worst performance in this season and I will play better in Regional Finals”. I was really glad when my words came true and we won Regional Finals. Also, there is a jungler who let enemy steal baron by Lucian ult in 2v1 situation. This guy also gets his jungle stolen by Yuumi’s Q. He disappoints me in various ways.


Q: Any players who got along with you during Worlds? or any players you hope to become friends with in future?

A: None. I think other teams are my enemies so I’d rather become closer with my teammates even more. If I must pick, I want to become friends with Deft. I think Deft has a style that every adcs dream, just like SN Bin showed a style of every top laners dream at the final. Deft's personality seems quiet and calm, but his playstyle is really aggressive and his movement of dodging skill shots is amazing.


Q: What is the difference between KR server and Chinese super server?

A: You fight all the time in Chinese super server. There was a game when total of 80 kills were made in 10 minutes. You cannot see your teammates position and nickname in pick&ban phase so it’s very hard to swap roles. Also, there is a function that automatically accepts queue. Maybe the fuction is to prevent abusing. One-tricks in Chinese server are so good as if the champion itself is playing that champion. Aurelian sol, Talon, Qiyana one-tricks were unbelievably good. I met them and went 1-9 for rank placement. It’s a server to practice skirmishes.


Q: Favorite baseball team?

A: None currently. I used to be a fan of Kwang Hyun Kim of SK Wyverns (currently pitcher for Cardinals) when I was in elementary school.


Q: I am the best mid laner in the World. Yes or no.

A: Yes


Q: Earlier this year, you had this challenge to play every champion only once to hit challenger. What were the most entertaining and difficult champions throughout the challenge?

A: I liked AP mid Kogmaw so I played it on different account and used it in scrim but it did not work out. Also, Illaoi was more trash that I thought.


Q: Worst Champion in League of Legends in your opinion?

A: Udyr. It needs a remake ASAP. I cry when I look at Udyr’s skill set.


Q: How is Udyr’s skill set?

A: Enter League client and open the champion info of Udyr. There is zero description written under Monkey’s Agility (Udyr’s passive)

(Turned out there is actually no description written for Udyr’s passive in KR client)

Showmaker: Even Riot abandoned that champ

Nuclear: Isn’t the passive about gaining movement speed if you use skills?

Showmaker: It’s not fast at all even if you Udyr use skills.

Q: How did you find this

A: I just found it right now. I think god of streaming is helping me out. All thanks to Nuclear.

Nuclear: What?

Showmaker: Just say yes.


Q: Do you like rap music

A: Yes I like rap music


Q: Favorite rapper?

A: I cannot pick one since there are so many. I like rappers who can rap well.


Q: Can you rap few lines for us?

A: I have schedule. Besides, noise between walls is problematic too. (Nuclear pressuring Showmaker to rap). If you keep forcing me then I will end Discord, lock my door, and hide.


Q: Interview is near the end, if you have anything to say to anyone, then please do.

A: No


Q: Feel free to say anything.

A: Let me organize my thoughts first


Q: Have you seen Nuclear’s the Flying Kaisa-Samira at my stream yesterday?

A: Sorry, but I don’t want to watch it.



Questions from Live Chat


Q: What do you think of your fashion sense?

A: I only wear clothes that I receive from fans so I have no fashion sense. I just wear whatever in front of me.


Q: Going 20/0 and lose vs 0/20 and win in rank game

A: Definitely the latter


Q: What is your opinion on a player who lost a professional game with KDA of 11/0/11? (Nuclear’s iconic Sbenu game)

A: I think it is that player’s fault. It was the time when Luican went crit build. It is impossible to lose the game when that build is complete.

Nuclear: I will show you that game when interview ends

Showmaker: I will shut down my computer

Nuclear: I will come and smash your computer.


Q: Penta stolen by Canyon vs stealing Canyon’s penta in professional game

A: Definitely latter. Of course, I had sacrificed myself for Canyon’s first penta.


Q: Who was the worst player in scrims this year?

A: All players performed similarly. but Canyon performed well consistently.


Q: Would you watch Nuclear’s twitch stream or Flame’s

A: I will watch both with dual monitor. If I must choose one, I will not watch Nuclear’s. I will watch Flame’s.

(Nuclear quits Discord)

(Nuclear re-enters Discord)

(Showmaker praises Nuclear and Nuclear laughs)


Q: Who do you count/rely on the most among your teammates?

A: Ghost. I feel comfortable when I am around him.


Q: You said that you used to play Fifa, which team is your favorite?

A: I liked Barcelona. But currently, I lost interests watching football.


Q: Favorite football player?

A: Heung Min Son


Q: Has Beryl ever recommend you to play Princess Connect! Re:Dive? (mobile game Beryl plays)

A: No


(Chat suddenly talking about fights)

Showmaker: Have you ever fought with someone in real life?

Nuclear: I was known as Nuclear fist of Incheon (city in Korea). Have you heard of it?

Showmaker: I don’t know Incheon well.


Q: Do you like BBQ?

A: Yes


Q: How was the QnA today?

A: It was really meaningful. I don’t think I have ever talked about this stuff to fans. I really enjoyed it. I hope there is another chance like this in future.


Q: Last words?

A: I want to thank all my fans, coaching staffs, president, manager and my teammates. I will continue to work hard to go to Worlds next year too.

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