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Easy tips to getting out of low elo that you can do right now(non mechanics related)

LeagueofLegends4 - Easy tips to getting out of low elo that you can do right now(non mechanics related)

Hello, I am a long term Kat main perpetually stuck in diamond (5 seasons now lul) so while I am pretty good at this game, I am not the best, but I do play alot on my smurf and there are tons and tons of information on getting good at this game from a mechanics perspective, like how many "5 things you can work on right now to get out of elo hell" videos are out there, and these videos are good, but every day people watch them, and every day people are still stuck in low elo.

This is a quick guide to what I see holds low elo players back that is not mechanical. Yes you need to work on mechanics, yes you need to cs better, yes you need to know your match-ups better, yes you need to know what counters what, and for god sakes yes you need better map awareness. However these mechanics come over time, and if you work at it you will over time get better at all of those. My tips are not things that come with time, but things you can do right now. Remember this is low elo advice only, alot of what I say either does not apply to high elo, or is bad advice at high elo, so look at this from purely a s1 and down perspective.

1- Proper banning. Ban stuff that wrecks things at your elo, and stay away from emotional/reactionary bans. Just because you went 0/6 vs a kled last game does not mean you should ban kled. Kled is not particularly a good ban. In low elo you guys should be banning newb stompers, ie pyke, blitz, akali, zed, veigar, nasus, trynd, teemo, vayne stuff like this. I go into bronze games and I see stuff like sivir and kayn and kaisa and janna get banned sometimes, and I have to wonder why? Sure when you watch challenger streams you see this stuff get banned, but thats challenger. At low elo ban newb stompers and stray away from banning emotionally or because you saw it on a stream. For god sakes stop banning yuumi, shes such garbage at low elo anyway. If anything pray the enemy support picks yuumi if your in iron or bronze.

2- Have a small champ pool that makes sense. Note, I said champ pool. Do not one trick, for every 1 trick that goes bronze to diamond, there are 1000+ one tricks that get demoted back to iron. Have a champion pool of 3 or 4 champions in your primary role, about 3 in your secondary role, and 2 in each of the other roles in case you get autofilled and no one wants to lane trade. Having a small pool lets you learn the mechanics of each of your champions and gets these things to become second nature. Having to large a pool early on makes it harder to master anything. You also get to learn match-ups and you learn how to deal with bad match-ups much more easily with a smaller pool. Also make sure your champ pool makes sense, ie as a mid main, don't let your champ pool be zed, talon, and kat. Those champs sort of do the same thing, and kind of have the same pros and cons to them, and having only 1 style of laner is not a smart pool. If you really really love the face dive play style, it makes more sense to have kat, talon for you face diving champs and to have say lux for a control mage and cho for a bruiser/tank. This is a much better and more versatile champ pool then just having 3 or 4 champions that do basically the same thing. Junglers are the worst offenders of this at low elo I have found.

3- Do not pick champs you never play because
match - Easy tips to getting out of low elo that you can do right now(non mechanics related)
match.gg tells you to. IDC how many people tell you that Jayce hard counters Darius, unless you know how to play Jayce and understand the mechanics on why he beats darius, the darius will obliterate you in lane. If your laning against a darius, pick your best pick into him, or if you have no idea which of your champions is best against darius, pick the one that turtles the most. For me, when I was climbing out of silver, I played alot of TF into match-ups I didn't understand because he turtles really well and can still make decent amount of gold while long range farming and sitting under turret. For me, he was my answer to alot of lanes where I was not sure if my kat or veigar could handle the lane.


4- Realize that skill and KDA are NOT the same thing. I am a kat main, I have 1k+ games on her, if your reading this and are not a GM+ player, I can almost certainly guarentee that I am way better then you will ever get at kat. However, that does not mean that to this day I do not have games where I get stomped into the ground. My kda in 1 game is not my skill. My kda+cs= how built I am which is a massive factor in this game. It does not however=skill. So that being said, if you lux is 0/4 cause she got murdered in lane by a kat, who counters lux btw, do not assume shes bad. Is she landing stuns? If she is landing 4 out of 5 stuns, I would say your lux is pretty good, and shes just behind in gold and got outplayed by kat. So keep her protected, and let her land stuns, maybe you guys can turn the game for her. So you need to look at stuff, do not assume someone fed=good and someone 0/4=bad. Gold just means how strong they are, it have 0 to do with skill. Over time, as you get better with a champion your overall kda will improve, but in 1 game where you have to deal with who you have, look at who is good, who is bad, who is strong, who is weak, as seperate things and make due with what you have. Remember, no matter how many times your blitzcrank has fed, IF he is landing hooks, he is an asset. If your 0/8 ahri is landing clutch charms, she can turn a teamfight in your favor. Do not count these people out based on kda. On a side note, those 1k+ kat games I mentioned, I had my worst every game as kat like 2 weeks ago, after years and years of playing her. It was literally worse then when I was a silver newb trying to get good at her, it was embarrassing how terrible I did. At 10 times I was 0/6 and had 39 cs, that was the worst I have ever done by 10 minutes EVER on any champ, and this is my main. This shit happens to us all. My next match I went 16/2, they surrendered at 20, an I felt better about myself though, so shit balances out.

5- Stop typing in chat unless its tactical, aside from GLHF and GG. Also ignore all chat that is not tactical.

6- Read what items do and buy accordingly, there is no reason that against a team with 3 adcs, as a tank your first 800 gold buy isn't a bramble for GW. There is also very little reason why against a team with 3 adcs that all of you are not buying ninja tabi as your boots at low elo. Stop buying items in the same order every game, or buying in the same order a streamer said to buy. Buy what you need at the moment. Sure every adc wants to buy berzerkers greives every game, but when your against a lux, a veigar, and a teemo, maybe merc treads are better because berzerkers greives don't help you when your always dead.

7- Normal do not equal ranked. Normals are good for practice, but do not every assume that just because you can beat a renekton as nasus in normals means you should ever ever play nasus into renekton in ranked unless your a challenger smurf. A renek with more then 10 games played legit wins a lane against nasus for free.

8- Buy defensive items when you behind. If your an ap mid thats 0/4, stop building your dcap, get a banshees and a zhonyas, get resistance boots, then once thats done maybe build dcap if your making a comeback. Remember that when your behind in damage, you will never out trade someone that is ahead in damage if all your doing is building damage, but when you have some resists and /or lifesteal sometimes you can win. I have seen a fed draven that rushed IE/berzerkers die in 1v1 to a behind in gold as fuck sivir that rushed bloodthirster/ninja tabi so many times. Remember that no amount of ap or ad is useful if your always dead, so its better to have some damage and not die then to have damage and get 1 shotted because your so behind.


edit: Excuse the english errors, english is my 4th language and while I think I am pretty good at speaking it, I do not write it every day so yeah.

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