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Enjoy league but at the same time make sure to do something with your life.

LeagueofLegends1 - Enjoy league but at the same time make sure to do something with your life.

Look, for the past 6 years I have played League of Legends. Enjoyed League, played countless games, ranked and even thought I found a passion. I've put in countless hours to be a higher rank than Silver I but never been able to accomplish such goal. If I was Plat or so I could stream and make $ on Youtube or Twitch, right? Could even become 'internet' famous and make millions of dollars from people giving me $ for something that I enjoy. I haven't made it past Silver within 3 of those 6 years and only been playing arams for the past 3 years. No rank higher than silver…. not a Youtube or Twitch famous or star and I haven't made millions. Anyone wanting for such I give you my energy and hope you succeed but in life…… there's a reason why there's that 1%. Some have made it and others haven't. Not everyone can be A+ material and that's fine. I get that. How hard you work is your results but this isn't about the hard working people but instead, the people that take their life for granted for a videogame.

Who cares that your life is in the dumps and you have no real desire to be better as a person. I mean look at me.

Like some of you I enjoyed League so much I would go to my job(Dishwashing) as a 28 year old male and come home to play League of Legends. No real life, no dreams of wanting to be something more than just a fuc$ing dishwasher. No college. No real knowledge on grammar or punctuation. Nothing. Just the bare minimum. Why? I come home and play League. ALL RIGHT! Go to work(shitty) but come home(not shitty) and play a videogame. Get home and jump straight to the computer……. to play a game.

Endless cycle. Shitty to not shitty over and over. Every day. I was fine and fully content with such life. Sure, would go out to have a few drinks with 'friends', see a movie etc but it never felt like I was actually doing something with my life. It's like when you take Roman from the game 'GTA4' to play either bowling or darts or whatever the case may be afterwards it's back to life. Hard to explain. It accomplishes nothing. Again, hard to explain.


Just work, get paid and play League. Even posted on the League boards(E-Sports) talkin' about the E-Sports scene for awhile. Built up a community of 'friends' that are now gone. Years worth of conversations – gone! They were never really my 'friends' but just internet friends. 6 years and not once did I ever felt like I had close friends when playing the game. More times than not would call each other by our League name oppose to our real names. 70-30 scale. While I enjoyed League over such years it hasn't given me anything back in return. Sure I had fun but how much is that worth? Hell, you could rub one out and have more fun in 10 mins than what you'll most likely get in 3 games worth of League.

Now, I'm not saying it's an addiction for me but it has consumed my life, personally. The game isn't to be blamed! I am. Took a cheap thrill and quote on quote "fun" at the expense of my life and goals. Honestly, I'm done with League of Legends. This isn't a 'Videogame Dunkey' like speech but I just want anyone willing to listen to not place your LIFE on hold or on the shelf just for something that has no weight.

I'm not saying you need to give up League or stop playing any/all forms of games but make sure to do something with your life while doing so. Please don't be like me ;

Like I said, you gotta learn from your own mistakes. Some of you could find yourselves in the same situation that I'm finding myself in ATM. Some it could be down the road and/or for others you could already be doing something with your life while also playing. Some of you could become the next Youtube stars and I'm glad for you.

Thank you League of Legends! You made me feel content with my life but no more.

– Want to say thank you to anyone that read such and want to say good luck to anyone wanting more in life.

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