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Eternals seem very mediocre cosmetic update compared to what Riot can actually sell us.

LeagueofLegends4 - Eternals seem very mediocre cosmetic update compared to what Riot can actually sell us.

Feels like Eternals are very lazy and quick way to earn some money without putting much thought into it. Why would anyone want to see their enemy's KDA or how many large monsters they have killed? It makes no sense to me how this is the best idea RIOT could come up with to monetize the game, when there are so many better cosmetic options out there.

  1. Announcer Packs have been in-talks for years now and yet RIOT doesn't seem to act on it that much, latest update on it was last year, that it would be a cool idea but so far, nothing heard. I can guarantee you that would bring so much more money to the company than some general stats, that were free for years and now are monetized.

  2. Better Riot merchandise. There is only clothing merchandise for 10 or so champions at Riot store, even though we are reaching to almost 150 in real game soon enough. Also shipping is real problem for many of the people because at the moment in Europe, there is only about 15 countries they ship the products and yet there is 44 countries in europe. I would love to pay 60 euros for my favorite champions hoodie but there isn't any and if there was, I couldn't ship it.

  3. Music packs in game. At the moment, there are almost 200 songs Riot has made, either from champion releases, ultimate skins, events or so on.

    . I can guarantee you, it would bring a lot of money in, if the same songs could be played in-game. Some of those songs have millions of views and people love these, I think it would benefit both sides having the option to listen those songs in-game. For instance, paying 5 euros for a small playlist from all the events song throughout the years and option to play them while in solo Q.
  4. Worlds Battlepass. I saved the most important for the last. I think Riot's refusal to monetize the worlds throughout the years is very core of the problem why they release updates like Eternals. People have been asking for years to support teams in Worlds by making a battlepass similar to Dota's TI. There is actually no negative side to this besides Riot's refusal to "beg" players for money. Pros want this, Teams want this, Players want this and Riot could make so much money off this because every year, worlds is the peak event everyone is looking forward to.

A system where you buy the pass for 10 euros/dollars. You start at level one, completing daily quests and achievements (that are already implemented in-game) gives you more levels. Each time you level up, you earn a reward (cosmetic). A battle pass also lets you make live predictions (that could be combined with pick-em worlds) during the worlds. If you make correct predictions, you could earn more points which yield more rewards. Simple, yet very effective idea.

In conclusion, instead of asking players to throw money at statistics every year like Pro view or Eternals, implement something where everyone can participate.

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