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EU Masters Power Ranking post Day1 – 2019 Spring

LeagueofLegends8 - EU Masters Power Ranking post Day1 - 2019 Spring


How it works in general – I compare EUM teams based on the level of the teams against they win or lose every playday. Each team has a score similar to a elo. The full explanation is at the end of the post.

How Starting score works for EUM – In cooperation with Cloockwork and Megalodontus who write on LoLEsports about the EU Masters teams, I realized the starting PR based on:

  1. Clockwoork - EU Masters Power Ranking post Day1 - 2019 SpringClockwoork & Megalodontus Rank
  2. ERL Score: every team got a score based on the rank it finished the regular season compared to how many participants every ERL has
  3. Bonus on previous EUM editions final rank.

Feedback or ideas for some new kind of graph or stat are appreciated.

NEW – Power ranking will be also for every group based on the average PR of the group.

Power Ranking after Day1

Teams with * have 1 less played game

Power Ranking by Groups

  1. Group C: 895 average score (+12)(Only 1 played match)
  2. Group B: 889 average score (+21)
  3. Group D: 885 average score (+14)(Only 1 played match)
  4. Group A: 882 average score (+23)

dti4uj8vrms21 - EU Masters Power Ranking post Day1 - 2019 Spring

Best Win Score

  1. SK Prime: +109 points vs Splyce Vipers | +11,94%
  2. Future Perfect WLG: +100 vs Random5 | +11,76%
  3. Fnatic Rising: +96 vs Misfits Premier | +10,31%

ti4xgd63sms21 - EU Masters Power Ranking post Day1 - 2019 Spring
Score of every team (Teams with * have 1 less played game)

To Note – Some scores sometimes aren't the exact sum of their addends cause of rounding not showed in the graphs.


Every feedback to improve this power ranking and how it should be shown will be appreciated.


More info on how it works

I divided the teams of the EUM into a starting ranking based on:

  • I normalized the average score in a range from a minimum of 750 points for the lowest score to a maximum of a 1.000 score for the highest one.
  • The ranking is updated on each match.
  • The formula is exponential.

This is an analytical power ranking because it expresses the value of the teams through a score. The score changes during the tournament according to the match results between the teams: it is not based on the victories and the defeats itself but on how these come through, like in other traditional sports. This power ranking is based on the level of the teams against which you win or lose in that week. Winning against a lower level team scores less than winning against a superior team. Likewise, losing against a lower level team will lose more points than losing against a superior team.

The sum is not zero cause the losing team loses half of the amount of the winning one.

I will also introduce the best team of the week or the roster that will achieve the most points differential compared to the previous week, and the worst: Best Performing Teams of the Week and Worst Performing Teams of the Week. Last, but not least, the team that it has obtained the best positive score in a single match: Biggest Score Wins of the Week. There won’t be the Worst Defeat of the week because it clearly is the team who lost to the Best Win one. I will also add the best Group.

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