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EU Masters Regional ranking 2020

LeagueofLegends5 - EU Masters Regional ranking 2020

This the second edition of the EU Masters regional ranking. Compared to the previous year, I've made some changes to the point calculation:

  • EU Masters Title – 12
  • Final – 9
  • Semifinal – 7 (was 6)
  • Quarterfinal – 5 (was 3)
  • Grp stage 3rd – 3 (was 1)
  • Grp stage 4th – 2 (was 1, if two teams share 3rd place, both get 2)
  • Play-in knockouts – 1 (was 0)
  • Play-in grp stage – 0
  • Additionally play-in games now count towards the game record

The UK and Nordic regions merged after spring season, I decided to make this new region a straight continuation of UK, because it's clearly the dominant of the two, with Summer 2018 the only EUM where Nordic accomplished much. I still put UK and Nordic individually onto this years ranking.

First number is the total points, second number is only the points of the strongest team of this region.

Without further ado, here is the ranking:

RankRegionTotalSum 20Spr 20Sum 19Spr 19Sum 18Spr 18WinrateRecord

Some thoughts:

  • France jumped from 3 straight to 1, barely edging out DACH due to better winrate. With 34/19 points this year and the spring title France had a very strong year and deservedly resides on 1st place.
  • DACH retains 2nd place with 29/14 points, slightly behind France. They also retain the worst winrate of the top 3. Overall it was a mediocre year, they basically made the same points as last year, but with one more team.
  • Spain falls from 1st to 3rd. A disappointing year for them. No finals appearance and just 20/12 points. They are however still 1st in terms of just the strongest team as unlike France and Germany they haven't had a bum tournament where nobody got far, summer 2020 marks the first EUM with no spanish team in the semis.
  • Poland is the big winner of 2020. With 36/21 points, a win and a 2nd place, they are the strongest region of 2020 (with Spain taking that honor in 2018 and DACH in 2019) and they've not only firmly established themselves as 4th leaving the UK far behind them, but also are nipping on the heels of the top 3 now. They made twice as many points this year than in the previous two years combined.
  • UK/nordic falls from 4th to 5th and is pretty alone there. Last year we had UK, Nordic and Poland close together at 4th-6th. This year with Poland leaping ahead and UK+Nordic merging, they find themselves far behind Poland and far ahead of the Balkans. Overall a weak year for the region comparable to 2018 and far from their strong showing in 2019.
  • Balkans: Another disappointing year, after their strong 2018, they have nothing to show for in the last two years. Their increased point gain is simply due to the new formula as they haven't made it past group stage again. They maintained their position, but Italy and Greece aren't far away.
  • Italy had a consistent showing in spring and summer. Their first seed managed two wins each split and their second seed came close to moving past play-ins twice. They look better than the Balkans and may be looking for 6th place next year.
  • Greece had a very weak spring, but a strong summer with their 2nd seed passing play-ins and getting a direct main stage seed due to their promotion to 8th place. If they can keep it up, they may pass Italy or the Balkans.
  • Benelux had a strong spring with both teams surviving the play-in group stage and now stands firmly as the leader of the bottom 4.
  • Czech team eSuba made it to the main stage in spring, but summer was disappointing as ever. Still, they are now securely in 10th place rather than tied for last.
  • Portugal and Baltic remain at the bottom of the barrel, neither region could get any teams out of the play-in group stage. Portugal slightly edge out Baltic due to winning one more game this year.

For next years ranking the 2018 points will be removed to keep a three-year ranking. This will make next year very important for Spain and Balkans in particular as they stand to lose the most by far.

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