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[EUW] The largest Discord Scrim League Server joins with pracc (4800+ Teams)

LeagueofLegends7 - [EUW] The largest Discord Scrim League Server joins with pracc (4800+ Teams)

Scrim League is colaborating with pracc to make this website
pracc - [EUW] The largest Discord Scrim League Server joins with pracc (4800+ Teams)

https://pracc.com/. The website will serve the purpose of looking for scrims in a more convenient manner and will replace the discord server in that regard. The server will still exist but it will only be used to look for coaches, members and to act as support in terms of League of Legends for the website

The website has a category for CS:GO and it has been doing great, there even is a phone app for iOS and Android. The phone app is in beta at the moment but it will be out in around a week, give or take.

The website will work in the following way:

https://pracc.com/settings – For setting your timezone and notification settings, would recommend you to shut down the email notifications and follow the telegram tutorial until we have our own application for iOS/Android.

https://pracc.com/team – Teams should always add the multi op.gg link for their team into the team description, it is necessary so everyone can check the ranks of the players. Only one of the team members can look for scrims and make changes to the team, the other team members can also easily join the team via an invite-link.

https://pracc.com/groups – You can have more than 1 group. Challenger team should also join the master group because of the following reason. On the search they have a filter for groups so first they will only check the challenger group for scrims and if they might not find anyone there they will expand their search for the master group. The same goes for the other ranks like diamond could also join the platinum group and so on.




This is the main function of the website that will be used once you have created a team and joined the fitting groups. First you have to set up a request (https://pracc.com/search/requests) which is similar to posting in the discord channels. After doing that the teams will browse through the search page (https://pracc.com/search) and send out offers for scrims. If the scrim is cancelled the request will be open again. You can see the matches you have planned in the search, additionally we also have a calander (https://pracc.com/matches) where the scrims are entered and you also can add external dates to use the site as a calendar for the team.

There is also a tutorial on how the website works:

We hope you will use https://pracc.com/ and that it will make looking for scrims much more convenient for everyone! If you have any feedback or questions, please reffer to the support and feedback on discord :

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