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Ever wonder if you’ve played against a streamer? We are building a platform to help you find out!


Hello r/leagueoflegends,

Want to know if you’ve ever played against a famous streamer? Our platform lets you find out, gives you a link to the stream along with the ability to quickly see all of your direct interactions. Just go to VODsearch.tv/lol and search for your in-game name (or your friends’ names!) to get started.

Even better, our system looks for the most exciting parts within each match (like kills in each match, for League of Legends) and conveniently bookmarks them for you, which lets you effortlessly jump to the very best and most exciting parts (in case you don’t want to watch the entire match or stream) just by clicking through a timeline of events!

Site link: VODsearch.tv/lol (beta)

How does it work? What’s the best way to use the site?


Step 1: Search for a specific player’s matches using their in-game name. Let’s run through an example. Maybe your League of Legends name is “ToilaTricky” and you want to see if you’ve ever played against famous streamers. You would go to our website, and type in “ToilaTricky” in the search bar, and it will show you all the names that closely match ToilaTricky. Select the right in-game League of legends name (in this example, the first option: “ToilaTricky”) by clicking the correct name.


Step 2: Select a match against a famous streamer to watch. Once you’ve selected “ToilaTricky”, our system lists all the matches in which ToilaTricky played against a famous streamer. Select one of them to watch by clicking it, and note that you can filter the list of matches by opponent/streamer name at the top, if there are a lot of results to look through.

Step 3: Jump to your favorite events within the match. If you just want to watch the entire match from start to finish, you’re already done — enjoy! But a unique part of our system is that it actually “bookmarks” exciting and interesting in-game events. For League of Legends, we’ve started by identifying and bookmarking kills, but we hope to add more types of events soon! Click any of the events (right now, kills) at the bottom and the video to instantly jump to that part of the stream! No waiting, no needless scrolling necessary!

HAVE FUN AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS! All views from our website go directly to the streamer’s view count on Twitch. Our hope is for streamers to gain followers and have more fun looking through their own matches and interesting events, and to increase their Twitch engagement, while simultaneously providing a fun and useful tool for the broader League of Legends community!

We are incredibly excited about our launch, and hope you have a great experience on the site! Don’t hesitate to reach out and provide feedback — our goal is to build cool stuff that the community finds useful; we at VODsearch.tv are all gamers ourselves.

Hope to see you all on the site soon, and feel free to reach out to me directly with questions, comments or feedback!


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