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Everyone seems to be talking about Kayle being unfun, but have we forgotten about Swain?

LeagueofLegends9 - Everyone seems to be talking about Kayle being unfun, but have we forgotten about Swain?

So recently there was a post that made it to the front of this subreddit talking about how kayle's new rework, though is balanced and performs well, it is currently "unfun" and it's the general opinion that she's unable to do anything until she hits 11 and then dominates once she hits level 16.

Currently kayle's winrate and playrate shows her as an above average top lane champ, but I wholeheartedly agree that her playstyle or requirement to win is boring and Riot August has stated that they will be doing some power shifts to reduce her late game power to allow her to feel better in lane.

But while we're on the topic of champion reworks being "fun" and "balanced," does anyone remember swain? You probably don't and I don't blame you because he currently has the same playrates as champions like Ivern and quinn, but has a much lower winrate despite having a small playerbase (which usually is supposed to inflate winrate percentage due to a smaller sample size)

According to mobalytics he's supposed to be a mid game champ that has a bland early and late game, but in-game he has the same power curve and playstyle as kayle, with an extremely lower payoff than the top lane angel. Not to say that his early game equates to kayle's but they seemingly do the same things poorly. Swain has lackluster clearing early and gets out-pushed and out-roamed from most matchups mid lane. He runs out of mana quickly after a few Q's. He can be taken top, where kayle is played, but performs worse because he doesn't have a movement speed buff to escape or outrun ganks or bad trades, and unlike kayle,.he cannot abuse klepto procs on melee champs, because he's so reliant on phase rush for his ultimate and trading. Just like kayle, he has poor dueling power but not because he becomes a late game god but reason being is that he's supposed to be more of a team fight champion. That being said, late game where everyone is grouping up and where the most important team team fights happen, he gets outdamaged and out-mobilized by the majority of the meta champs. He spikes around level 11 like kayle, but not because he gets a strong passive buff, but because it's around the time where he should have his ROA complete and either working on a mana item or towards zhonyas with his stopwatch to synergize with his ultimate. After that point in the game, unlike kayle, where she becomes a 1v9 god, sending out AOE true damage waves at 16, swain falls off.

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(You don't have to read what's italicized)

Reason being is because his only CC, which is his entire combo starter (E->W->Q), relies on him landing his E (That's the claw). The same E that glides at 0.08 mph, if he misses at any point of the game, he loses the trade or the team fight. His ultimate, the most satisfying part of his kit, also relies on him landing his E and/or getting the phase rush off and cannot be used unless you get a soul fragment which funny enough again, either requires you to land your E on someone, if someone on the enemy team's already died anyways, or you land his W (the eye) that has a 1.5 second start up. Yes you heard that right. A 1.5 second start up. Many times you can place your w in front of your target and they will either dash diagonally across it or sometimes just walk through the entire diameter of it, so you have to, even more funny enough land your E to use your W. Everything about this champ relies on him landing his E. If you don't land your E, you usually won't be able to do anything.

I would go into more detail about why swain is doing poorly as he is such as his W only doing half damage to minions, his clunky Q hit boxes, why his ultimate that requires him to soak up damage for a few seconds doesn't do well in this meta where teamfights end in 4 seconds, why vlad does his job better (being safer in lane nor has to deal with mana maintenance), etc. But I'm sure not many people even care about this champ. He doesn't sell or have the playerbase like kayle and most definitely will never be as powerful as she is.

Last thoughts on the matter: The best way to describe swain is that he feels like a nasus that can't 1v1 anyone and has a much shorter window opportunity, if that makes any sense. I just felt kind of sad seeing everyone vouch for kayle, though again I think she could use some adjustments, but no one's talking about swain's poor state.

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TLDR: While I agree kayle's early power is weak and feels unfun to play early, swain feels the same way, but has a much lower playrate and winrate and doesn't get compensated with a God tier late game.

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