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Everything regarding high elo EUW, S9 and ‘FIX THE SYSTEM’

LeagueofLegends6 - Everything regarding high elo EUW, S9 and 'FIX THE SYSTEM'

My initial writing of this came out to many pages long so I'll summarize everything despite making the language worse, simplify and skip out on key details. If anyone wants me to elaborate on anything whatsoever, has any questions related or unrelated I'd gladly do so in the comments.

Why am I writing this?

  • First time in history ranked has been reset and one instance globally decreasing of MMR and one instance of globally increasing everyone's MMR

  • Always been a lot of whining/controversy but never this much and regarding something as simple as the matchmaking and ranking system

  • Every single proper pro or high elo veteran hates the state of SoloQ.
    HandsomeMotionlessHeronSquadGoals - Everything regarding high elo EUW, S9 and 'FIX THE SYSTEM'yet few are vocal to the public

What has happened during the course of Season 9?

  • Preseason: Riot intend to introduce Grandmaster, remove Diamond 5 to push everyone upwards, make it so diamond isn't so diverse levels of skill in same tier. Riot decides not to pretty hard reset everyones MMR like previously and you can now get placed in Diamond 1 after placements compared to previous highest which was Platinum 1. Also in previous seasons your MMR would be very volatile at the first 50ish games and in placements before if you ended challenger+ and went let's say 8 wins 22 losses in first 30 games your MMR would tank and you'd end up in low Diamond MMR (I know from experience). This season this was not at all the case which was the sole reason transfers got to exist. They could stay in high MMR games by being high chall on low tier server then lose 30 games in a row only to go from high chall MMR to low chall MMR.

  • January: Riot overdo their algorithm changes so now ex Diamond 5 = Diamond 2 MMR, ex Diamond 3 = Master 0lp MMR, Diamond 2 = Master 150lp MMR. This destroyed matchmaking due to everyone being so high MMR that anyone that was formerly D3-rank 1 could get same games. Riot says it's a bug I think it was just easy excuse that wouldn't give them much scrutiny. People thought getting +25 -10 was a bug and you could spam games to rank 1 but no, it would just take a while for you to make your rank reflect your MMR because Riot gave so much excess.

  • Early March-ish: Riot removes MMR from ALL players, so players who benefited hard now got shit LP gains, which created more problems than before as before it was only the veterans complaining, now entire Diamond+

  • Late March-ish: Riot resets ranked. Master+ to 0LP, soft Resets MMR. Removes 1 full division from all Diamond+. But Dia 4 only gets reset to 0LP instead of to Plat. In attempt to make players MMR match their Rank better. But now since D4 players weren't in Plat 1-2 their Rank was still higher than MMR meaning horrible LP gains especially if got into D4 then proceeded to have negative win rate/lose streak. Created more toxicity, rage, players quitting. Assuming customer support heavy overload, 90% of r/Leagueoflegends consisting of such crying

  • April-Ish Ranked was stabilizing but Riot changed algorithm for matchmaking, now you would rarely go over 30 second qeue time instead get instantly tossed into a game with full Dia 1-3 with enemy team having 1x similarly high elo with 4x Dia 1-3. This happened in roughly 75% of games, the other 25% weren't much better and was only if lucky that other high elo players were in qeue the same 30 seconds. Example: Before this, playing at 3-9 AM on weekday would average 40min-2 hour qeue at high chall now it averaged a few minutes.

Extra: This proceeds till today

MIDDLE OF MAY – PRESENT: Now riot gives every player in Diamond and up roughly 250LP worth of MMR Example of before
After. Meaning everyone would get 250LP after playing roughly 50-80 games by gaining more and losing less per game. This was their instant fix to the Diamond 4 outrage crisis and quitting. But this meant that we were back to the same point before the reset. Except now with worse matchmaking. All of the players that you got that were Diamond 1-3 now got a free spot in master and GM just like at start.

This is the sole reason for why very END where it's highest of last season went from
oe38bi - Everything regarding high elo EUW, S9 and 'FIX THE SYSTEM'620LP top 40s. To now that is already top 300

There are now: 300 Challenger players 700 Grandmaster, 1404 Master and 4857 Diamond 1 players (2404 Master+ TOTAL: 7260)

About 1 year ago: 200 Challenger, 740 Master 1301 Diamond 1 (940 Master+ TOTAL: 2241) – Sidenote if it wasn't for decay this gap would be MUCH larger than 350%.


All examples I could find archived of Season 5 OPGG's. 1234 . Some of these were back when Worlds was in EU and every Korean and Chinese player wanted a taste of EU skill and they all averaged 200-300 games per player despite scrims+world stage games. Imagine what happens when they come to EU this year.

Despite there being 350% more players in these elo brackets 99% of games are still worse matchmaking and despite crazy shorter qeue times.

  • The term HIGH elo, some may use to describe the distribution of players defining a criteria of being better than the average player when what it actually means to veterans is entirely different which is why it might seem so elitist to some. What HIGH ELO initially meant was when you are at the top purely playing against the best of the best. From this also came the term RANDOM, it was people who weren't a proper Pro or someone who maintained HIGH ELO and who was basically a rookie who had reached Challenger matchmaking games.


  • In CSGO there is Faceit and ESEA. If you are a proper pro you get an automatic invite to the PRO RANK SOLOQ. but if you are a 'random', you can still get in by proving yourself and keeping a high win rate in the Non PRO rank games. AKA go from starting rank E- work your way to S+ then get a really consistent good win rate in S+ then you will be evaluated to see if you can get in. Once you are in your spot is far from secure and will be kicked out if performance drops too hard to maintain highest quality games.

This might sound similar to League which it was, except League was even better at creating talent and making the ranks below ' Pro Tier' creating the well known competitive EUW SOLOQ. Mainly by a form of status, fear and obstacles in the way. High Challengers many of which were striving Pro players wanted to prove that they can still maintain highest win rate in pro tier games. Low Challengers were afraid of dropping to Master and be considered someone who can't maintain Chall or be associated with 0LP Master peakers. High master wanted to become a proper steady Challenger player. Medium and Lower Masters were super afraid of dropping to DIAMOND as they'd be somewhat seen by many as the same skill level of Diamond 5 0 LP which was an unspeakable horror.

Basically the amount of wins between D1-High challenger was only let's say 6-7 losses in between each group let's say. Yet the skill difference was very, very noticeable even just between 500 and 600lp Challenger. Hence why so many would get stuck in one of each category for long periods of time with some peaks and dips. Players were constantly on their toes and knew that just a few wins is all it takes to get to the next sub-group

  • How does this differ today apart from mentioned changes? Now since everyone who is at let's say Master 0LP skill level gets an instant 300LP there is no pressure in any direction. You would need to lose a ton of games to drop to Diamond 1 and once u are near the bottom games will be so much easier that you don't have to give it your all just to maintain. If today you would risk dropping to D1 if you lost one game at 300LP, that single detail would increase the quality of EUW. People feel like they can just toy with their LP, myself and friends included by playing random shit and wouldn't care to not hit up soloq when drunk. When none considers SoloQ valuable, games are super low quality, and you are losing faith and burning out, the thought of dropping from 800 Chall to 250LP GM feels like complete whatever. When I initially came back to league in early season I was as tryhard as ever taking soloq deadly seriously just loving the competition. Then with time and the changes I became a huge part of the problem.

Due to all the changes there is no distinction of what low/medium/high elo is and the amount of wins between each one is huge. And with 50% more spots in challenger now it's not nearly as hard or prestigious. While previously it was VERY clear to basically everyone.


Diamond 1, decent but not high quality. > Low master, closing in on high elo now a 1-2% chance of getting into high(chall) games > Medium master good by every definition roughly 25% chance to get into high elo games. High master 60% chance to get into a game with challengers in it. Low Challenger 80% chance to get into high elo games. High challenger, 90+% chance to get into high elo games, only time you wouldn't is if you miss the pop the rest of the people got then you will sit another 20min and likely be dragged into a low master game.

How it would work is at 0-2 minute qeue you would only be able to be matched with players between ranks 1-100. 4 Minutes > 1-200. 6 minutes 1-300 ETC.

How it works today: If there are 10 players between ranks 1/3000 you will all be shoveled into a game as soon as people can be assigned their roles etc. This usually takes 2-3 minutes so in that timespan other similarl elo players might qeue if you're lucky.

Other key issues in this season:

League might still be huge but it's simply not at its peak. Meaning it is less hyped/tryhard and the skill drops slightly. I don't think there's any shame in that just like CSGO, DOTA or Overwatch aren't in their prime either. Skill is down and people don't value Soloq as much as much as it's not ultra hyped. Back in the day in EU there was only Challenger Series and LCS. In season 5 other leagues were only the new Turkey and Russia both of which were considered an insult to Challenger players to put it bluntly, as it meant lowering ones standards and everyone was trying to prove that they're one of the best in the region. Even non aspiring pro players like myself just wanted to reach the highest pinnacle of competition in the biggest sport in the world. The attitude in Season 5 for striving pro players was either you get into LCS or quit, 0 in between. Nowadays there are from what I've heard 15-20 Regional leagues with lower tier leagues within those leagues where one can make some rather easy money if you have some experience in high elo. Compared to a RL friend of mine Dob/Quackniix decided to quit in season 3-4 not long after losing to Gambit at Dreamhack IIRC despite being a consistent top 30 on EUW ladder who was well known among high elo. Ended up quitting saying he didn't have what it takes to become a pro. Luckily he brought his tryhard attitude and knowledge to HOTS before the game recently died and conquered it in Fnatic thanks to his League experience.

Why I think Riot decided on all these changes is because they saw that the playerbase or high elo players in particular becoming less active and had to make changes. Of course also the D4 crisis but even before that in pre-season it seemed like they wanted to push everyone upwards, force everyone in D2 and up into Master+ so that they have to play 1 game per day. Similar to any other marketing strategy rewarding people for simply logging in. While in League you instead are forced to play like 5 hours a week or get severely punished. While the introduction of 1 game per day was initially one of the best ideas to maintain integrity and high skill in high elo SoloQ get rid of inactive campers. Now I experience it as they're using it as a tool, a business strategy rather than competitive nature of the game. Hell part of me even thinks it's to make Regional League players not look bad for being in Diamond 1-2.

Right now I've played minimum 900 games between ranks 15-150 yet in almost every game now I'll find 7-9 players I have never ever played with before why I think this is, is because Soloq right now is mostly made up of the players that are enjoying peaking and getting a taste of playing with pro's/veterans and challengers spamming so many games. But this entire concept is extremely foreign as in previous seasons even if I was casually stuck in Diamond 1 I would know almost all of the players in both teams rather quickly no matter what hour of the day it was. In Season 5 when I was most tryhard from day 1 to end of season I would know or AT LEAST recognize almost every master player and most D1. There used to be a core high elo and throughout the year maybe 25-30% new players would take over and become part of the new wave of High Elo players. This season I'm confident that number is in the 500-1000% who are dropping in and out of challenger. Previously the people who got in and out shortly was mostly just very start of season rushers.

Something that might seem crazy elitist is that all of the new thousands of players hard peaking are also gaining huge egos by the taste of climbing hard. Once they beat their first Challenger player nothing will let off the pedal. Just something I saw yday after 2 minutes of watching Nemesis sums it up best an

The current state does nothing but breed toxicity, . This season really hurts all of the actual pro striving players more than anything since none of their achievements are valued in the tiniest amount, instead made a mockery of which hurts competition and talent building so much more.
VivaciousTenaciousStinkbugMikeHogu - Everything regarding high elo EUW, S9 and 'FIX THE SYSTEM'Short clip Nemesis grouping in Pun1sher with S8 diamonds because there's simply no choice in this season but to discount every current peaking player as a result of the seasons changes.

That the top end of Soloq is becoming less active is more reason than ever to try and keep SoloQ competitive. Now that every pro and veteran is severely demoralized and quitting, seeing SoloQ as a place to just try random shit instead of proper good practice where you're given a serious run for your money esp in laning. Instead of riots changes giving every player between Ranks 1-8000 a taste of high elo and building their EGOs and forcing them to be more active and play more as a business strategy.

Odoamne on current matchmaking

Forgiven on Regional leagues impact on skill/ego etc

About me: Played between ranks 8-1k thousands of games since age 14 in s2 with extended breaks along the way, 900+ games between ranks 15-150 only this season. Profile

I will format this the best I can later on it make it easier to read, clarify things etc, too exhausted might Re-post once done as will be much more concise and structured

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