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Ex-Griffin ADC reveals more info regarding the sitaution

LeagueofLegends4 - Ex-Griffin ADC reveals more info regarding the sitaution


DdangWoo was a ADC Trainee for GRF that left the team in 2018.

The wintrading allegation is true

GRF players kept trying to troll Tarzan (#2) so that he won't get #1 by helping Deft (Who was #1 at the time). But then Cho (GRF CEO) scolded the players, saying that they need to help Tarzan win so that they can get their name out to the public. (GRF was still a small team in 2017).

It is true CVMax strongly opposed what Cho said, and told them not to throw because it will bite them back in the future.

Cho became mad and told CVMax "You think I don't know this?"

Link to the game

Conflict between CVMax and Cho

I still remember them being in dispute everytime. It was hard for me to practice because of them aruging all the time.

CVMax is largely responsible for the team's good performance. I'd say CVMax is responsible for like 88% of the team's performance.

The team couldn't even give each other feedback without arguing and fighting all the time. But then CVMax gave them a reality check, telling them they are all bad and gave each player a list of improvements.

Cho would always get mad at CVMax about "how all this is possible only because of what I am doing outside of the game to support the players" They would be aruging at any opportunity and we just pretended to not hear the arguments.

Most of what CVMax said about Cho is true

He really did say things like "Don't think you are responsible for Griffin's success. I am a well respected Starcraft coach/manager with way more experience and history. You have way more to go"

What CVMax said on stream is 99% correct, the fact that he remembers everything that happened so clearly means he really was holding back a lot.

Like I said, CVMax was 88% responsible for the team's performance, so yes, he is responsible for GRF's sucess.

CVMax was never an arrogant dude that said he was solely responsible for the team's success. For CVMax to speak out like this, he must be really, really, really pissed.

Players followed CVMax with a blind faith. I cannot believe players would say CVMax isn't needed in the team anymore. I refuse to believe it.

The part about Cho stepping in and interrupting whenever CVMax tried to go over strats with the team is also true

I have no doubt in believing that Viper's interview is forced by the Management. CVMax and Viper were best buddies. Viper followed CVMax like his dad.

CVMax is a nice guy and doesn't socialize, he doesn't even drink alcohol. He very rarely gets angry, but him to be pissed this much, it is 100% true.

Even when I was there at 2018, Cho would listen to what his friends say about CVMax's ban/pick, and kept telling CVMax he is doing it wrong. But even if GRF is drafting wrong, isn't that the whole team's responsibility?

It's true that Cho would interrupt him when CVMax is trying to give players feedback inbetween game sets saying "Give the players a break". But I think that the time should be used for feedback, remember how Doran was able to come back after underperformance because of it?


It is also true the CEO didn't like CVMax streaming, because it might ruin their image.

I can say with certainty Cho doesn't even know the Champions in League of Legends. He literally said "I don't know how to play League but I know by looking at the games" often

Cho had a very problematic way of talking to people, he would do the bad cop good cop routine all by himself.

Edit 1: Additional comments

  • Btw, Cho also told me to not stream. He especially told me to not hang out with other streamers because our team reputation would go down, so I understand what CVMax is saying regarding streaming.

  • What CVMax has been saying about how much he wants to win Worlds is true by the way. He kept talking about how much he wants to win worlds every opportunity he gets. I really don't understand blaming CVMax for "only getting 2nd place"

  • Since GRF players were all nobodies to start with, we were all really tight together. Even if CVMax gave us harsh criticisms we endured it without a problem. CVMax has a really special style of feedback. CVMax not only tells you what the appropriate thing to do is, but also different variations so you can adjust in real matches. He really goes deep into detail because he had a strong faith in the player's capabilities. For example, he would go in detail about one small pathing decision. I personally feel that everyone greatly improved because of him.

  • One thing he really exceled was shotcalling enemy locations. CVMax actually got a ton of offers but he was comfortable with GRF and refused to move. I can say with certainty CVMax is entirely responsible for Griffin's perfect teamwork. Tarzan actually never ganked toplane, but CVMax fixed this and now they have one of the best Top-Jungle coordination in the world.

  • When I asked Sword why he isn't playing as a starter, he often said "It's because the CEO takes into account Soloqueue MMR very seriously". He never told me it was CVMax's decision to use Doran instead of him. I was really close friends with Sword so I honestly can't believe Sword said that in his interview. Things must have taken a really bad turn in just a year.

  • Lemme take a wild guess.

    , you see him looking into other directions right? His eye is moving around constantly. This means he is doing something that he really doesn't like doing. I honestly can't believe Sword is doing this in free will

  • CVMax must be really ashamed that he let the team down. Since CVMax wanted people to know he was being let go, not giving up on the team.

Edit 2:

I posted a full summary of the incident but it's gotten removed by the mods due to overlap. I'll link it on my profile as a selfpost if you want to take a look. It goes more into the backstory and I provided some links to what's currently happening in Korea.

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