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Faker: 10-men Roster is Stressful to the Players. [FOMOS Interview]

LeagueofLegends12 - Faker: 10-men Roster is Stressful to the Players. [FOMOS Interview]

Q) Was there any burden regarding the starting position this season?

A) Of course there was a burden regarding the starting position. There was a picture drawn by the Head coach and because of that I wasn’t able to start a lot, but still, as a team, we are trying to follow the big picture as well as we can.

Q) It seems Head Coach Yang is trying to lessen your burden . What did he demand specifically?

A) Regarding the team members, to more … Wait, what was there? I can’t remember any now, I will answer in a little while.

Q) What is the difference between the way you see the game and the Head Coach sees the game?

A) From the first time Head Coach Yang came to our team, there has always been a lot of differences between the ways we saw the game. So I have been feeling quite distressed, but even so I am trying to match my vision about the game with the team members and Head Coach and coaches.

Q) Is there a difference in competing now and in the past?

A) Since I had no competition in the past, I was able to synergies with my team members more, therefore my vision of the game was more in lane with the members’. But now, the team does constant changes of starting members … so it is a different situation in which I have to create a synergy with my team. But in the end, I believe that as long as I can perform well I can become the starting member, so I do not have much burden when it comes to playing.

Q) What is the difference when you are playing and not playing?

A) I do not specifically lead the game macro when I play, but since I am the veteran in the team, it seems my team members believe and follow me a lot, so that point positively affects me psychologically.

Q) I would like to hear your opinion on 10-men roster.

A) What I feel lately is that, there could be players who are suffering a lot because of the competition between the 10-men roster. I think players will also get a lot of stress. On the other side, the good thing is that the players hmm … i think for the rookie players, even if they slip up a little, they can believe in the other players.


  • Daeny and Faker have different ideas regarding the game. Daeny is known for fighting a lot with Beryl regarding how the game should be played. This could be the same situation.

  • Faker seems to have decided just to go with the flow.

  • Faker does not seem to remember feedback/advice given to him by Daeny (maybe there wasn’t any that was important to him. Seemed to be the same situation with Keria during today’s POG interview)

  • 10-men roster is definitely affecting the players negatively psychologically.

  • It could be that the starting players are decided by who fit’s Daeny’s picture the best and follows his orders, therefore the starting members might not be decided based on who is performing better.


Most Faker’s Korean fans are saying he has never been this aggressive in interviews when talking about his team. An ex-Inven journalist has tweeted “He is not the kind of kid who would say things to that extend …” (Korean fans believe it is regarding Faker’s interview, but this is just a guess).

Head Coach Yang, the self proclaimed “God of LOL”. Will his experiment with a 10-men roster succeed or be a complete failure?


Teddy has also said a similar thing about the deciding factor for the starting position after the win against LiivSB. He mentioned that he did not play the style of ADC that Daeny wanted, so he is trying to play more aggressively and changed his philosophy about deaths in the game. After Teddy’s interview many fans got an idea that Daeny might be choosing the starting members not by the best performing but who matches his own vision of the game the most, or the ones who agree to play the way he wants.

Daeny has also mentioned in an interview that Faker is a player who has strong opinions and always asks questions, so it isn’t very easy to make Faker accept Daeny’s views.

Keria mentioned in today’s interview what was the factor for subbing in Teddy for the 2nd game. The reason was Teddy matched the red side more, while Guma matched the blue side more …

Keria during POG interview:

Q) What was the feedback after lossing/winning a set/game?

A) “thinking Don’t know bout that , but I got a great tip during yesterday’s scrim”

So does this mean the coaches do not give any feedback after every game or did they never really give any substantial feedback??

Edit 2:

To add some context, since the match against KT, and especially after the match against LiivSB, many lck analysts, ex-pros, and just people who know something and somehow related to lck were saying that T1’s performance is awful. They all kept saying T1 is not cohesive, does not have any macro, does too many rookie mistakes, and lacks very basics like warding and stuff. Articles were also published talking about how T1 is lacking basics, how T1 is a “kindergarten”, how T1 is slumping hard, and so on.

So it wasn’t just fans, just the whole of lck were quite disappointed with T1’s performance. Today, the Korean casters were talking about how at the start of the season they thought T1 is definitely a top3 team, but their performance was disappointing.

Also, quite a number of lck related people were mentioning about using Faker instead of Clozer. Even people who said Clozer > Faker last year, were saying that T1 maybe should start Faker.

So the criticism is not inly coming from fans.

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