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Faker is going to win Season 9 Worlds

LeagueofLegends9 - Faker is going to win Season 9 Worlds

Alright here me out. Before you think I'm trolling you…

This Worlds has been incredible with 3 Western teams making it to semi-finals and the LPL finally obtaining their first World Championship. However, as any true League fan can attest to, it hasn't been the same without the one and only GOAT Faker. The semifinals and the finals were so lacklustre, but fear not Faker is going to make a return in Season 9 and dominate. How do I know? Take the first letter of each team who lost in the knockout stage.


Afreeca Freecs

KT Rolster

Edward Gaming

Royal Never Give Up

What does that spell? FAKER!


But wait, what about G2 and C9? Notice something? They have numbers in their team names. Clearly, G and C are simply code letters representing the position they are in the alphabet. G is the 7th letter, C is the 3rd letter.

So putting this together, we have the numbers 7,2 + 3,9. If we add the two numbers in the middle, we get 7/5/9. What is Faker's birthday? That's right MAY 7th (7/5).

What number is left? 9.

Season 9 World Champion

(You can't make this shit up. Well, Riot can.)


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