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Femalesticks Champion Concept

LeagueofLegends9 - Femalesticks Champion Concept

Who said that scarecrows have to be scary? I present you: FEMALESTICKS, The Attractcrow!

HQ Splash Art


Femalesticks is the exact opposite of Fiddlesticks. A happy entity that encourages the birds to come to your field and have fun while picking out the seeds. In her free time, she sits in the chamber she was summoned into and caresses intruders with her plush scy- uh, let's move on to her skillset.


Pass: Cheerfulness

Femalesticks gains a movement speed bonus when she moves for more than 1.5 seconds at a time. After 5 seconds of constant moving, her model will stop the walking animation, making her slide across the battlefield like a figure skater.

Q: Happy Surprise

Charms an enemy, causing him to walk slowly towards Femalesticks for up to 2.5 seconds.

W: Refuel

Channels for up to 5 seconds, healing an ally for up to 900 (+225% AP) at a health cost of 80/75/70/65/60% of that value.

E: Bright Breeze

Throws a dove at allied people that will bounce around until it splats in a slightly inelegant way. Every bounce will cleanse crowd control effects from the targets (except suppression) and heal Femalesticks for a certain amount. Bounces on allied monsters will heal for 200% of the amount instead.


R: Swaggy Exit

Femalesticks surrounds herself with a flock of pacifistic doves, healing all allied champions (and herself) within a circle for up to 1625 (+225% AP). After 5 seconds, she will channel for 1.5 seconds and blink to a random nearby location, prioritizing a spot over walls.


Since Femalesticks deals no damage with her spells, she can be used as a support. She can heal allies for ages; also her ultimate works like Master Yi's old meditate – if she isn't getting interrupted, enemies will waste a lot of abilities trying to get through her healing. Alternatively, her long CC-Q can be abused to turn her into a critical strike person.


  • If you don't want to flee from a fight with Swaggy Exit, you can pop Zhonyas Hourglass to cancel the channel, turning Swaggy Exit into Golden Stay.

  • Throw doves at every possible opportunity; you need the healing to pay for your Refuel.

  • You can pop Zhonyas during Refuel to turn the health stream into a golden shower. Completely useless, but it looks cool.

Feel free to leave some feedback below, also please tell me if she would be more balanced than the current iteration of Akali. Thanks!

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