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Finally made it to Gold after almost 9 years

LeagueofLegends6 - Finally made it to Gold after almost 9 years

Yes, I know that Gold isn't exactly impressive compared to the millions of challengers here on this subreddit, but it has been a long journey.

I began playing League at the end of Season 2. I became a quick fan of TSM, and I was terrible at the game. My friend that introduced me to the game had been playing since beta so I learned quite a bit in a short time.

Season 2

Main role: Top
Secondary: Jungle
Strengths: Decent game knowledge
Weaknesses: Mechanics, macro, CS, item builds
Highest rank: Unranked
Main champs: Master Yi, Garen, Irelia

Since I started at the end of the season (sometime in fall), I was only just learning how to play the game. This was my first MOBA and I fell in love with the game. I played a ton of games with my newfound freshman college friends.

Season 3

Main role: Top
Secondary: Jungle
Strengths: Teamfighting
Weaknesses: Mostly the same as season 2
Highest rank: Silver
Main champs: Irelia, Jarvan IV, Nautilus

Because of the games I had played with my college friends, we became incredibly good at teamfighting. Even though I usually got smashed in lane or didn't do well early, I could make up for it by playing a tank supportive role. I got placed in bronze when I finally decided to try ranked, and made it a goal to climb out of bronze to silver.

Season 4

Main role: Support
Secondary: Jungle
Strengths: Teamfighting, vision
Weaknesses: Mechanics, macro, CS, inability to carry Highest rank: Silver 3
Main champs: Alistar, Janna, Lulu

Because of certain life events, season 4 happened during the year that I had taken off from college. I played with different friend groups, and tried different roles as a result. Sometime in season 3 I developed an unnatural liking to playing Ezreal and would play him whenever autofilled to ADC.

Though I improved because of my game knowledge, I was held back at my inability to carry. I was able to win games before because my friends were great at carries, and I would play supportive champions to compliment their strengths.

Season 5:

Main role: Support
Secondary: Ezreal
Strengths: Teamfighting, macro, vision
Weaknesses: CS, mechanics, inability to carry
Highest rank: Silver 3
Main champs: Ezreal

I began to expand into attempting ADC. My mechanics were awful and I would often missclick when kiting. I tended to (and still) play supportive ADCs. But at this point in time, I never really had games where I could hard carry if the team was behind. I played less and less League at this point leading to a nearly 2 year break.

I continued to watch the LCS because I was a huge fan of DL and TSM. I became a fan of TL when he joined TL (and was obviously hyped to see him rejoin TSM).

Season 8

Main role: ADC
Secondary: Support
Strengths: Teamfighting, macro
Weaknesses: Inability to carry
Highest rank: Silver 4
Main champs: Ezreal, Ashe, Kaisa


Though I did not play much ranked in this season, I decided to hop over and commit to main ADC. I wanted to improve at being able to carry games. I slowly improved my CS and mechanics. I still tended to lose lane, but had a stronger mid/late game.

I began to teach my GF how to play League during season 8. This is what reignited my passion for the game, and was quite surprised at how much she enjoyed it.

Season 8 was also the season that introduced non-ADC into the bot lane as meta. This was a rough transition for me because I've traditionally been bad at assassin and mage champions. I reluctantly picked up champs like Heimerdinger.

Season 9

Main role: ADC
Secondary: Support
Strengths: Teamfighting, macro
Weaknesses: Mechanics
Highest rank: Silver 4
Main champs: Ezreal, Xayah, Kaisa

Another year where I put less than 100 games into ranked. I believe that I grinded more than 100 games in only Season 3 and 10. This year I decided to continue practicing my mechanics and CSing. I recognized that my early game was a liability, and starting mid game from behind almost every game was not ideal.

I was on the TL hype train once again, especially with their amazing run to MSI finals. I'm hoping to see a huge international run from TSM.

Season 10

Main role: ADC
Secondary: Support
Strengths: Teamfighting, mechanics, macro, untiltable, willingness to grind, objective control, map awareness
Weaknesses: inability to keep high CS after mid game starts
Highest rank: Gold 4 (for now), will grind to climb more
Main champs: Ezreal, Ashe, Xerath

I finally was able to compile everything that I learned from previous seasons. Somehow my ability to not tilt shot up through the roof. Maybe it was maturity kicking in? As I played against better players, my map awareness jumped up immensely. I learned to be able to have some control over the wave and began winning lane more often.

Even though my mechanics vary from game to game, I started to have carry games from the extra gold that I earned from improved CSing, roaming, and objective control. I had a stronger understanding of the impact of missing or denying minion waves and became a much stronger laner.

I know I still have a lot to improve on, but I'm quite happy that my efforts and practice finally came to fruition. If you're still reading this post, I appreciate your time and hope that it may inspire you to keep working towards your climb.

I'm happy that I've finally reached gold, a goal I had set for myself some time ago, but im starting to feel like I have the potential to reach plat so I will continue to strive to improve.

Summoner name: qckapiu

EDIT: I forgot to include this, but because of the harsh ranked reset, I started this season in Iron 1. This was the first time I was placed lower than Silver in years. It took me probably 80 games to climb from Iron 1 to Silver 4, and then nearly 500 games to eventually reach Gold 4.

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