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Finish the rework of Aurelion Sol!

LeagueofLegends1 - Finish the rework of Aurelion Sol!

1,5 year has passed since Riot reworked Aurelion Sol with stating their goals with the rework:

“We're making Aurelion Sol more vulnerable to counterplay in the early game so that we have room to buff his scaling and presence in the late game. His adjusted W should also help make him a more approachable champion to those new to him, with clearer indicators of success and more satisfying in-game payoff.”

" The goals of the rework were to make him more approachable and improve his game health. Being a more approachable champion does not necessarily mean make them more popular. "

These were statements by Riot when they butchered Aurelion Sol during 9.17 because these statements were proved to be untrue by time and failed to become reality.

Gameplay is far from satisfying. It’s a freakin suffering game. They ruined entire early game so we have no good matchups just ppl who makes mistakes and has no experience playing into Sol. The champions playerbase becoming smaller every day because there is nothing that this champ is good at. Assassins and other mages offers what Sol can do in a more consistent way. Some assassin even beats you in pushing and roaming without any trouble.

New players try Sol a few times but when they realised they can do a lot more on different champs with better kit and satisfaction they just abandons Sol. Right now he is hardly approachable for new players. Asol requires significantly more knowledge & good play to get similar results to other champions in his role. That can be rewarding in and of itself, but his pick rate indicates that this is not as rewarding as playing a champion that is less clunky and more useful to the average player.

What we need is to complete his rework which we are waiting for more than a year.

It feels like we have gotten the worst version of everything overall because the spells feels like designed for different purposes (for different indentities/goals in gameplay) and failed to achieve it because those who did this rework have lacked the clear vision of how to make the champion different but still approachable. They failed to met the goals they set for Themselves and for Us.

Let's be honest about this. Roaming was killed when the champion was reworked, which made his kit incosistent. The team often says they don't do rework because it is not scheduled and the reasoning behind this is that half of palyerbase wants to remove roaming while other half enjoy's it and wants a different changes. This is nothing more than a bad excuse which they can tell everytime when it comes up. There have been numerous idea on the discord server about fixing thing and how but they are just not interested in helping us.

One of the best possible solution was told to us by Diablo V2 who is the number 1 player on EuW. E range must be reduced/nerfed to 3000 or so in order for dmg and ms could be increased. These are just numbers and would solve so many problems and there is no viusal or any new thing addition. Just. Pure. Numbers. E is a broken spell by design because it packs too much power/pressure on it's own while the remaining spells in the the kit offers barely anything to play with on lane. If riot don't want to remove E then they must nerf it down if they ever choose to look into Sol. We play in a game where every second mid and top laner picks TP anyway which reduces the effectiveness of our roams because if it fails we loose minion gold+xp and start to fall back meanwhile much better roamers exists in game with relatively better position.


Another idea was from others on the server if minion modifier would ever get to added to control his waveclear would be a great limiter on his stars while increasing execute treshold 8similr to Zed's execution of minions). I find it underwheling that Sol's Auto Attacks deal triple the dmg of his stars lvl 1.

Everyone is afraid of getting Aatroxed for a good reason but thats the better option since there is no other Champion in game with an unfinished rework.

I wish Aurelion Sol, Azir, Ryze and Kalista would get back some of their former power (not all) and made them just a lil bit more relevant again in the game. While modernizing every champion it often feels like the design team forgets that not every champion have to stand in line with the others. There are some champions that were working as intended but still got destroyed. How many time akali got killed then ressurected to be killed again, like Ryze ? Now they stopped caring about (except money maker queen) these champions. Samira will get nerfed pretty hard only because she has absurd amount on bann rate but after the nerfs she will slowly regain her power in the form or many minimal buffs because the champion itself is not that great at all. If someone would told me that i have to choose to play against a team with a 2mill pont samira or an 500k Aphelios I would still instantly bann the later for obvious reasons.

Not long ago Taliyah got some small buff(s) that managed to skyrocket her back into in E-Sports scene and had positive impact on her playrate as she was the least played champion for a time. No she has around 4% of playrate. Now Sol is in the last 5 of champions in terms of playrate. His win rate is 50% ish with 1% of pickrate which is kinda bad. Katarina has 50%ish winrate with 10% of pickrate. Kai'sa has 52%ish winrate right now with 36% pickrate. Just compare those statistics. The true mains provide impressive win rates on Sol but if you main out a champion you will get good rates no matter what. Diablo has 67% winrate on Sol while Mitsurugi has 76% on Yasuo. What is the problem with winrates overall ? It is where the discussions usually ends but in reality it is where true discussion should start in every case. I feel this would be appropriate in the case of Sol since most champions has obvious gameplan behind them to play through the game or just the laning phase with obvious strengths weaknesses.

The champion needs some serious attention, he is fucking dreadful to play and many faimous player dropped him who were maining it before.

Ask yourself how would you feel if your main champion would butchered because they recevied an incomplete rework ? It's not even revertable like some others but we do not ask for reverts but real changes which to be honest are pretty small changes overall to what most champions requiere(d).

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