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First encounter with a player without a name.

LeagueofLegends4 - First encounter with a player without a name.

TL;DR: A player played with a friend of mine without a name, turns out they used an external tool (allowed by ToS) to skip the summoner name selection screen. See edits below for screenshots of how it looks.

Today a friend of mine was playing on his low level account and found a player without a name both in game and in champ select. (I'll call he/she "Blank" throughout this post for clarity). We immediately wanted to know what characters Blank used to have an invisible name, so I started looking at the official Riot's APIs to get the player's summoner name, turns out he did not use any character: in every endpoint the name was just empty.

Trying to add Blank as a friend or trying to open Blank’s profile in the post-game screen would fail with an error but the latter was possible through the match history screen (Trying to add Blank through the match history would add "Summoner 4" which happens to be another player).

This is the Match ID if you want to take a look at the match yourself, Blank is the Kai'Sa: 5002530395 link to the match (EDIT: This requires logging in, otherwise an error appears)

This is Blank's match history: link to his match history (only reachable by editing the link with the information I've found through the APIs)

Those are Blank's summoner informations from the endpoint /lol/summoner/v4/summoners/by-account/{encryptedAccountId} (I got encryptedAccountId by looking at the match information through MATCH-V4)

{ "id": "vZlMJJp0cC4fJPUji2Xz2Is0e38hdd2zdz7I2---3GHjWuF0VBCS84axsA", "accountId": "JEus5Z5AFY15bYAK4QwLgQmmvwG73VRMK8ik_2SD1xK3R5NqQHnD3AMj", "puuid": "3xG6AzYF__XHF_icDfxB4E1U76RGlbCKr7HG39cFCdXGb-msI0p5Op1pwI63EGTvkVTAj0LjbEkqhw", "name": "", "profileIconId": 3546, "revisionDate": 1608800266000, "summonerLevel": 23 } 

As you can see name (which should be the summoner name) is empty.


How did he do it?

I obviously don't know how he did it but I can think of only five possibilities

  • Blank did not use league client to enter in game and so skipped the summoner name selection screen. This would be possible only if there was no summoner name check in the lobby, queue and match internal programs.
  • Blank analyzed the summoner name selection private apis and sent a request with an empty name or something that would result in a blank name (like spaces). This would require the summoner name validation to be only client-side.
  • Blank sent something that didn't appear to be empty but resulted in an empty string. Example:
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