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Following the leaks, it’s official : Neeko will not receive a “Beeko” skin

LeagueofLegends13 - Following the leaks, it's official : Neeko will not receive a "Beeko" skin

I am disgusted. I am revolted. All my life, I had been waiting for the moment, the moment I would type "[email protected]" in my search bar, open the site, and see in the new skins announcement, written : "Beeko"

I am confused. I am sad. They were given a chance : We waited, we all saw Teemo and Singed, of course, at that point, neeko hadn't been released yet, they could've released her WITH the Bee skins, they did not, that I can understand.

What is truly shocking. What got cheeks rolling on my tears, is that Neeko's release skin could very well have been Beeko.

And AGAIN, we were betrayed !

Following her release skin, instead of Star Guardian, we could've gotten Beeko.

But AGAIN, Riot decided otherwise.

Not only that, what is absolutely inacceptable, what is, above all else, truly horrifying :

When Beeko WILL be released (It WILL be released eventually.), it will NOT be accompanied by a custom- designed Louis Vuitton x Gucci x League of Legends skin, that is simply terrible, I HUMBLY ask Riot Game that they go back on their decision to only make a SINGLE Prestige skin per champion.

If not for the MONEY, then, for LV x Gucci x Lol PRESTIGE Edition BEEKO

That is a list of ALL the DISAPPOINTMENTS on Riot's side, of every single time they FAILED to deliver MISERABLY, but that's not ALL :


Neeko will apparently get some sort of Chinese, Lunar New Year themed skin, VERY WELL, then PRAY TELL, why is it NOT BEEKO ?????? Next Year is the year of the Ox, a natural predator of the bee, the bee, being an ENDANGERED species, should be rightfully promoted over some FURBALL ! And if that is TOO MUCH to ask of YOU, then how about you make her the ANTAGONIST of the Ox, reversing the roles, FOR ONCE, and giving the Bee a SINGLE chance to defend itself against the Ox. When you have to make an EXTRAVAGANT, excuse of a SKINLINE (Lunar Wr*aith) to appeal to the POLISH audience, NO ISSUE, but when it comes to putting a BRAVE Bee standing up to the OPPRESSOR, THERE'S NO BUDGET.



Yuumi and Malzahar, THAT'S RIGHT, YUUMI and MALZAHAR will be receiving BEE skins ??? Surely, that is some MANNER of a JOKE

Knowing RIOT GAME's LAZY, UNINSPIRED artists, Malzahar's VOIDLINGS will surely be turned into BEES, well ???. MAKES SENSE RIGHT ??? AFTER ALL, IT'S A BEE SKINLINE, RIGHT ???

ABSURD. This is obviously a hidden representation of our SOCIETY, a comparison of the Voidbees with the working class and Beezahar with the CARROTS Lobbies ! This is PROPAGANDA for the carrots which are turning our children into gingers ! How HORRIFYING.

As for Yuumi, no need to write anything, everyone hates her, so whatever, make up your own argument for why Yuumi deserves nothing but the worst, shouldn't be too difficult.


I demand to be COMPENSATED, I have WAITED, and I am DONE WAITING, I will SUE Riot Game in the HOUR if I am not IMMEDIATELY given BEEKO.

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