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Former world champion ADC Imp emotional breakdown

LeagueofLegends2 - Former world champion ADC Imp emotional breakdown

Yesterday imp was involved in a fight while drinking, shortly after that happened in his stream he had an emotional breakdown and cried. here is what he said (He streams in chinese which both me and him are not perfect at and I he was also drunk so it’s not going to be very accurate translation)

“I wanna ask you guys a question, if I die,will you feel bad for me?will you cry for me? I don’t know how many people will, I’m scared”

“But I feel really bad recently, for real, I want to cry, every day, really, when I started playing professional…….”

“If I die I die, I really think I used to be the best(at lol) maybe you guys don’t understand, But I can’t find that form anymore”

“My mouth hurts, everywhere hurts, everything hurts, my throat hurts, I can’t breath. I want to cry, why don’t you let me cry. I’m kinda used to being along and cry”

“Old me would never cry, never feel bad, now I cry so often, ****, Old me would never cry, cry don’t help”

“ My performance drop so much in LGD, all the fans left me, I want them back, but I know it’s too much to ask, I don’t deserve it”

“My family don’t care about me, no one in the world does, so I went to play professionally, I feel happy while playing”

“I won OGN in 2013, 2014, everyone said I was worse than deft,So I go out and get some drink and come back to practice when everyone is asleep, then I got better, I won worlds with twitch, They always say I’m worse then deft, I think it’s my fault”

“I’ve hurt a lot of people, It’s my fault, I didn’t learn how to love people,It’s my fault, because my family didn’t show me that, So I don’t know how to love people. But I can’t blame my family, I can only blame myself. ”

“ My parents divorced when I was in 2nd grade, so I want to keep distance with females, But there was A girl in high school, She said my hands looks good. I really liked her, but she ended up hating me. Girls end up hate me, It happened more than once, It’s got to be my fault, i don’t know what I’m talking about, but my body is in pain, I don’t know what to do, I just want to cry, it’s cold, my mouth hurts.”

“My mom left me very early, so I keep away form females, But my grandma cared about me, she loves me, I own her a lot, The one thing I regret the most is when she is in hospital, I didn’t visit her, instead I was playing(league) I disgust myself, please don’t donate money now, It only make me feel worse”


“I was really good at the beginning, but I didn’t keep it up,I feel guilty, i could take on anyone easily, winning was so easy. Now I’m not good anymore, why do you still like me, how? I don’t understand, are you guys stupid? Really, why would you still like me, you should all curse me, after what I’ve done, you really should curse me, you should.”

“I was drunk, I can’t keep up my form, I’m trash, you guys still liked me, but I’ve hurt so many people”

“don’t say we broke up, it’s not like that” (talking about his ex girlfriend I think, not sure the context)

“ People say I’m a prodigy, I got so good so fast, but I practice 20 hours a day, how am I a prodigy, I practice 20 hours a day, and you think it’s only natural talent?”

Chat: don’t worry we’ll be always with you “ You will be with me but I don’t know If I can keep ( Can’t understand the rest of the sentence) It really hurts, why is it keep bleeding”

“someone just took me to hospital, but I don’t want to do xray, because I know my body is not in good shape, I’m sacred if I actually have serious disease. Don’t worry about me, just watch me play league and maybe learn something form it, If I die I die”

Chat: why don’t you want to make more money “ honestly I don’t think I need money, maybe because I haven’t see what real money is like so I can just let it be”

Start singing some songs: “sorry I can’t sing well because I’m really in pain”

“My mother, my two brothers, they are expecting form me, I have to give them money, If i die, what would they do”

Reads chat: “you want to help me? But how could you, If you see me, give me hug maybe”

Saw this form multiple chinese sources so it should be real. The translation probably have some mistakes I'm not very good at chinese sorry about that

EDIT:here is an news article about it if anyone is interested https://new.qq.com/rain/a/20201031A0B1IT00

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