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Free Talk Tuesday – December 11th

LeagueofLegends11 - Free Talk Tuesday - December 11th

Hey there, leagueoflegends fam! We're live with this week's version of Free Talk Tuesday, where you can talk about anything you want to! Hope you've had a good weekend <3

EUW was on fire this weekend, sorry for all y'all that got snowdown passes. Bet Riot will give some free rewards to NA though. :kappa: Were you affected by the outage?

All servers have some pretty interesting ranked placements going on, who else wants to be Iron IV?

NEXUSSSSSSSS Blitz is back, and have you been doing these quests? Tbh, I forgot that Sivir was from Shurima, so at least got to use her for day four of those quests. Who have you been playing, and what're your strats for NB?

Speaking of strats, what'd y'all think of All-Stars. It's come and gone, with some surprising upsets! Check out some of the PMT for ARURF, Nexus Blitz, and Tandem Mode Pro. Sound off below on what you thought of All-Stars! It'd be pretty cool to have bigger events like this during the year, pretty fun to watch. Speaking of watching it, don't forget to check out some of the vods if you didn't see it to get one of your missions!


Preseason has kind of just slided into our dms quietly. You could say Neeko reminds us of some characters from DawngateRIP, but other than that it's been pretty quiet and tame compared to previous pre-seasons. Biggest things right now just seem to be Dark Harvest/Bone Plating, and that really isn't much meta wise.

Alright, I'll stop talking now so the threads all yours! Don't forget to follow our FTT rules, which is talk shop, play nice and as always


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