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Fun Fact: On Chinese server the Warring Kingdoms skins are all renamed after people from the Three Kingdoms era

LeagueofLegends4 - Fun Fact: On Chinese server the Warring Kingdoms skins are all renamed after people from the Three Kingdoms era

Example of J4 as Lü Bu 吕布:


And unlike most of the skins, original champion's names are showed after the skins' name. Instead it often follows the historical character's s courtesy names.

Three Kingdoms refers to 220–280 A.D. when China was divided and different warlords endlessly fought each other. This period is famous also in countries like Korea and Japan because of the famous Chinese ancient novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Maybe Warring Kingdoms is just better for English speakers to understand the theme. Also the Warring Kingdoms or original champion's names in the descriptions of those skins are changed into the Three Kingdoms theme in Chinese server.

Most skins has obvious similarity to the name they are given. Here I'll do a comparison on each one. (Not all pictures are from the same source, but most western image of those historical characters are somewhat influenced by Dynasty Warriors, a Japanese game based on this period, which is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

First for those who are very similar to traditional image of those characters:


Xin Zhao as Zhao Yun, Zilong 赵云 子龙. Both family names are Zhao, white horse plus handsome boi plus spear. Zhao Yun is known for his strength to fight but is mostly known for his handsome face.


J4 as Lü Bu, Fengxian 吕布 奉先. Just a typical Lü Bu appearance. Both with very characteristic weapons btw. This one is given brand new voice lines on Chinese server acting as Lü Bu.


Tryndamere as Guan Yu, Yunchang 关羽 云长. Very typical. Guan Yu is worshiped as the God of War in China.

Then these characters have no strong features on appearance (clothing, face, weapon, etc) remembered by the public.



Katarina as Beauty Obscuring the Moon, Diaochan 闭月之颜 貂蝉. Not very typical though. Interestingly Diaochan is a fiction character who was Lü Bu's wife (Garen: wait…), and in Lü Bu's Chinese lines there is one which mentions her: "Where did you bastards hide my Diaochan?" Diaochan didn't fight though.

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Garen as Zhang Liao, Wenyuan 张辽 文远. Also not so typical. But Zhang Liao was famous for his ambush though, maybe implying bush Garen?


Nidalee as The Ambitious Belle, Sun Shangxiang 枭姬 孙尚香. Famous lady who knew weapons and actually could fight.


Azir as Sima Yi, Zhongda 司马懿 仲达. The schemer, a counselor and general. Who seldomly fought himself but commanded his army to combat. Known as a careerist.

And a special one:


Vi as The Fist of the Tiger Fool, Vi 虎痴之拳 蔚. This one has Vi's name in it, but obviously the Tiger Fool refers to a famous male general Xu Chu, Zhongkang 许褚 仲康. (MTF Rito?) And one of his famous stories is that he took off all his armor and shirts to fight in a solo combat.

Other two in the Skin line, named as Dragon Blade are:


Riven as (the girl who) Join the Army for Her Father, Hua Mulan 替父从军 花木兰. Well since Mulan is quite famous in the west I won't explain any more.


Talon as The Judgement of the Silver Dragon, Talon 银龙裁决 泰隆. Nothing special, except it's one of the most expensive nowhere-to-buy skins in Chinese server.

Thanks for reading!

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