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Fun Mode: Zero Damage Akali

LeagueofLegends13 - Fun Mode: Zero Damage Akali

Are you tired of playing URF the same way over and over again? Are you tired of greeding for kills nonstop? Do you hate Akali as much as I do but want to test her out? I present you: Zero Damage Akali!

How it works

You play Akali in URF. Your goal is to destroy the enemy Nexus. You are not allowed to damage enemy champions with any spell or attack. Use the mobility of your kit to splitpush all the time without getting caught.

Zero Damage Akali slogan: Don't help, don't feed.

Difference to Zero Damage Tryndamere

Tryndamere is not very mobile, just pushes a single lane down 24/7 and doesn't care about getting killed.

Zero Damage Akali flipflops around the map, between lanes and back, always on the run, always pushing a different place while the whole enemy team desperately tries to catch her. She's that ghost you just can't capture.

Item Build

Ohmwrecker is core. If you just can't push waves bc your enemies have picked a comp with 6 splitpushers, you need Ohmwrecker to backdoor the enemy turrets.

Sure: This mission is destined to fail due to the high damage reduction when no enemy minions are around. Don't expect to take down turrets on your own (unless they are already at the brink of death).

But it's not only about damage. It's about sending a message. You can appear at any open turret and deal damage to it, and they can't do shit about that. All they can do is try to catch you. But you have a cloud and 4 dashes – and even if they kill you, just rinse and repeat after respawning. If you manage to get away most of the times, they will hate you.

Also, this will be your last chance to use Ohmwrecker before it gets removed. Honor it by using it.

(It also grants health.)

Lich Bane/Nashor's Tooth: Moar turret damage/moar turret damage.

Anything that grants health or health regen: Making yourself harder to kill is not disallowed. A Warmogs can be a great investment.

Hextech Gunblade: Tanked too many towershots or just barely escaped from a chase? Heal yourself and just dash back right into the action.

Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabis: Depending on the enemy team.

Zzzh'zroth-porttell: Thanks for removing this from URF, you motherf

Rabadons: Moar turret damage.

Allowed Summoner Spells

Long story short: Everything is allowed, but Ignite is obviously pointless. I recommend Flash and Barrier/Heal/Cleanse.

If you're an assassin main, pick Ignite regardless. You will have to resist the urge to press that button all game. View it as a monk meditation practice or something.



  • Laning phase is a nightmare. Not only will you get bullied and harassed harder than in the Russian military, your need a good feeling for your waveclear spell (Q) to only hit minions, not the enemy champion. Use your W to move arond the wave and clear the minions without giving a single crap about your opponent. Demonstrate your indifference.

  • Farm jungle camps if you just can't lane against your opponent. You will lose your turret, but he will eventually roam to kill your teammates, giving you a free lane. If he stays… call someone for help or see below.

  • If everything fails, just proxy in the enemy base. They have to send at least 2 people to catch you. A time window in which your AP Graves and AD Lux can easily kill objectives like a Blue Buff.

  • Don't expect your opponents to understand what you're doing. Don't expect them to even write "?" or something. They will just try to kill you. This is nothing uncommon. It's URF. Their brains were turned off the moment they picked Fizz.

  • Play with friends, or at least announce in chat what you're doing. It will help to explain your 0/8/0 score in the end (and also why you didn't help your teammate when he came to gank that Riven).

  • Don't be afraid to ult out of a problematic situation. Your ult has been developed for this.

  • Dying is not bad, but you should avoid it. Remember: Don't help, don't feed. Even if you can't splitpush 'til Nexus, you should draw as much attention and waste as much enemy time as possible.

I accidentially stroke an enemy champion with my Q mid game…

Well, you failed to be a true Zero Damage Akali, but you still can carry on. Winning a game with a low damage score is decent as well and a milestone on your way to have a non-existing damage graph on the game summary screen!

Of course, if you're sick and tired of that URF Xerath bombarding you since minute 2 without getting punished, you might as well drop your mission and kill that f*cker. Just don't expect me to praise you.

Do I really need to build Ohmwrecker?

Shut up and build Ohmwrecker.

Success rate

0% so far. Post if you can actually beat this challenge… :/


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