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G2 vs GenG Chinese Reaction

LeagueofLegends5 - G2 vs GenG Chinese Reaction

Bilibili Chat Pregame:
hALiNoM - G2 vs GenG Chinese Reaction


Let's Go G2!

Ten Years G2 fans are here though not invited

Title : Game 1 PMT https://bbs.hupu.com/38669192.html


Newcomers here, Is the team with infinite engage, extreme disengage, perfect teamwork and ad with art mask the team from Shakespeare region?


Teddy cast, worried tone,hilarious


This GENG is like DRX, brain only thinks about macro, never engage, waiting for death. Actual bravery giving Caps TF

Game 2


Insane mechanics from hat bro


Actual slaughtering pig


Hat king true butcher of lck


Caps has no martial virtue


Caps so good at facing korean teams, eu last ap king


So fking strong ! this sylas is invincible


G2's game is so good, smashing Shakespeare region. Plus, hat king too damn strong


The question now is how strong is Suning


I announced this is the strongest solo performance of Sylas ever

面对lpl的帽皇 一流中单面对lck的帽皇 宇宙第一中单

Hat king against lpl: top tier midlaner

Hat king against lck:Numba 1 midlaner in Universe

帽皇别杀了 解说席有人要崩溃了

Stop, Hat king, someone is having mental breakdown at the desk

G2 Weibo:https://weibo.com/g2esports?topnav=1&wvr=6&topsug=1


Shakespeare, not good. Renaissance, good.


G2 baby, promise to fuck Teddy to tears, okay?

G2 weibo: 莎士比亚也会上头吗?

G2 weibo: Even Shakespeare overcommits?



If not, where did A Midsummer Night's Dream comes from?


Just check where Shakespeare comes from

帽帽 麻麻的宝

Hat Hat, mommy’s precious

After game

wunder casually killing mosquitoes mid-game :https://bbs.hupu.com/38672871.htmlg2!永远滴lck之父!

G2! Daddy of lck forever!

Thread title:Tian: people thinking g2 can win don’t understand the game


结果clid跟天一样 菜的离谱 还以为去年呢

Clid is just as noob as tian. Not last year already


Tian didn’t even understand jungle this meta

Teddy’s weibo: I like doinb’s quote: it’s cheaper to buy airtickets earlier

Doinb’s comment: I think they already can buy airtickets

The female caster on desk sharing the difference of reaction between the other two casters:https://weibo.com/5724323435/JpNnKaG1r

Thread title: Is Caps best performing midlaner at worlds?:https://bbs.hupu.com/38672293.html小帽是真的强啊

Small hat is really strong


Caps: I just wanna tell the world how strong is Angel


Hat king, undisputed top1 midlater

G2 Post Match Weibo



Jia you, eliminate dwg in semis, then you will be rewarded your favourite 3:0 in finals


G2 baby is too good, would be a perferct world run if you can win another three games

为什么说是好签,只是希望FNC把TES的东西打出来,为G2扫除一些障碍,当然赢了 更好。假如输了,G2赢了,并且夺冠,那么这个冠军,FNC有三分之一 的功劳,至于LCK,2个字,乱杀。我是G2粉丝,理智粉

Why is it a good draw? Because we can hope that FNC force smtg out of TES, clear the way for G2. Ofc winning is better, but if they lose and G2 win it all, then FNC will have 1/3 of this championship. As for LCK, ezpz. I'm G2 fan, a rational fan.

LPL Caster Miller: Rascal looks like he gonna eat some people



Good for him, likes to bully people right



Prepare to go back and bully someone


Rea life pk?


I‘m in locker room, both of them gotten into a fight, ruler that try to stop them is also injured, life also get beaten up by clid, bdd sneak out from the backdoor


Did he set up a turret before sneaking ouy?

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