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GAM Esport Hype Train! Welcome on board!

LeagueofLegends11 - GAM Esport Hype Train! Welcome on board!

GAM Esport aka the Gigabyte Marine is one of the most exciting team to watch because their games are usually fiestas and full of surprises and hyper aggressions.

I hope everyone is hyping for their first match at world against Splyce. The evaluation of JTeam Splyce and GAM has been the most controversial because of the low exposure of JTeam and GAM to international LOL community while Splyce is a third seed of EU. According to GAM, they would prefer facing Liquid and IG more than FunPhoenix and JTeam, however, they are very glad to avoid Damwon. GAM coach has lots of respects for LMS and said previous scrim results (before they came to Germany) showed that they are not ahead of HKA. However, the whole team is confident in their ability to clutch wins from other teams.

Some fun facts:

  • GAM previous international outings has been damaged by their players getting sick, so this time they come to Germany quite late. I don't understand the logic but ok. GAM team members complained that the weather is very cold as soon as they got to Europe.
  • GAM coach Tinikun believes Zeros is comparable to Khan of SKT. However, we have seen him ints during his international performance with Phong Vu Buffalo. I think he is also comparable to Huni.
  • GAM actually has 3 top laners and NO midlaner because Zeros, Yoshino and Kiaya are all top laners (and so are their champion pools) and can play mid/top interchangeably.
  • How does this GAM compare to 2017 GAM?
    • Jungler is the same Levi, but with more experience.
    • Big upgrade in the top lane with Zeros and Yoshino over the previous disastrous Archie. While less known than Zeros, Yoshino is on the same caliber of talent, the difference is that he plays less aggressive but more consistent than Zeros.
    • Slight upgrade in the mid lane as Kiaya is more consistent than Optimus who has some attitude issue, think the old doublelift and old Jensen, which led to lower synergies between Optimus and the rest of the Marines. Kiaya seems to blend well with Zeros, Levi and Yoshino.
    • Bot lane in my view is just as wacky as 2017 Gigabyte, but Zeros has a lot of confident in his bot lane teammates, saying the bot lane would not be easily destroyed by other world caliber teams.
    • There is a big weakness of GAM, which is still remain, and I will not disclose 🙂

Overall, JTeam is the archnemesis of GAM in this group. GAM has 40-60 of going 1-1 or 0-2 against JTeam, so their goal would be a 1-1, as LMS has always have VCS number, and securing 2-0 vs Splyce. Interestingly, Splyce would be the archnemesis to JTeam in this group. JTeam's goal is to hold down GAM 2-0 and get 1-1 vs Splyce. Of course, GAM is the opponent to watch for if Splyce wants to advance. Their goal is to only bleed at most 1 point to GAM and defeat JTeam. However, the chance for Splyce to go 0-6 is higher than GAM or JTeam.


If JTeam were replaced by CG, C9, Liquid, IG, HKA, or even G2 or Fnatic, GAM would have much better chance. The team FunPhoenix has to watch out for is GAM. Any win vs FunPhoenix for the other 3 team would requires lots of luck and inting from FunPhoenix. However, GAM has the unpredictability it takes for a 1 point steal from the formidable giant.

If I have to look for a team most similar to GAM, I would say the old Team Impulse (TIP), but with 3 Impacts, 1 on the top lane, 1 in the mid lane and 1 on the bench; and Levi is 》 Rush.

I hope my post has informed and hyped you guys for GAM at World 2019. The tickets are still available, let's board the GAM train.

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