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Garen is seriously busted — a short story

LeagueofLegends4 - Garen is seriously busted -- a short story

I don't play top usually, but I got autofilled. Garen's an easy champ, so I played him. (I say this because he used to be one of the beginner recommended champs when I started playing)

Face a morde. Lane is pretty rough early, hard to CS without taking damage and having to trade. Go down about 15 cs. Buy a rejuv bead on top of my dorans shield to just maybe survive and farm under my tower. Not familiar with this matchup, morde is super scary with his death realm bullshit, so I feel like I just need to survive this lane.

Jungler shows up, gets me a kill. Thanks jungler!

I go back and I buy my phage and a pair of boots. So now I've got Doran's shield + Boots 1 + phage + rejuv bead + a health potion, and I'm 6.

I can at least trade now, I think.

I beat morde back to lane, thin out the minion wave a bit before he gets back, and he throws out his little grabby claw thing at me and misses. So I just press Q and run at him, hit him, spin on him for a while — so he ults me. So I'm in the shadow realm for about oh…. a second or two before I press R and he dies.

Shove wave, recall, buy zerker greaves, go back to lane.

The second he shows up, Q, ignite, E, a few autos, he's dead again. All I have is phage and zerker greaves for combat stats. Don't even need ultimate to kill him. Shove wave, ward enemy jungle a bit, take scuttle crab, shove a second wave cuz morde has no TP, recall.

Get stinger, head back to lane, Q, E, R, morde's dead again.

Teamfights start breaking out, looks like Diana got a bit fed. Sit in bushes where I think she might pass through. Catch her. Q, E , R, diana's dead and we get drake.


I've never had so much fun pressing 3 buttons.

Recall, complete tri-force and a zeal. Herald is up, I ping my jungler about it. We go get it, break mid tower, teamfight erupts. Q, E, R on diana's head and she dies. Team cleans up the rest, we push to inhib.

At this point I'm just waiting in bushes to murder anyone I see, I'm like 9-1 or something stupid. 2 people come to ward, kill them both with Q, E, R. Didn't even W or ignite. I have trinity force, zerker greaves, a rejuv bead, and a zeal. Take boatloads of enemy fire but barely take any damage because for some reason with these item's i'm actually tanky as hell.

Fights keep happening, keep picking up double and triple kills. I have no tank items but nobody can kill me through my regen and my W. I can kill anyone I want basically on-sight.

Start building tank. Am now actually, literally unkillable, and can 1v9 this game. As a person who doesn't play top lane, doesn't play garen, has mostly damage items with a little mitigation mixed in for flavor. Whole enemy team runs when they see me, I can freely pressure any objective or lane I want an there's nothing anyone can do about it.

All for pressing 3 buttons and swinging a sword at some folks. Most basic, braindead champ. Literally zero skill or knowledge required.

End game 18/2/8 with most damage in the game, most gold in the game, most damage to objectives in the game, highest kill participation — and I barely even knew what I was doing.

This champ is busted as hell.

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