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Garen’s highest winrate average boot’s choice globally is Beserker Greaves. Garen’s spin today is currently balanced with the anticipation that the player builds them to push their lead. So please, for the love of God, stop pinging them.

LeagueofLegends9 - Garen's highest winrate average boot's choice globally is Beserker Greaves. Garen's spin today is currently balanced with the anticipation that the player builds them to push their lead. So please, for the love of God, stop pinging them.

WTF, why is my Garen building Beserker Greaves, it makes no sense!!11113111!

Hello reddit, this is riste, the Jimmy-Fallon-looking-alike, Garen main with over 7 Million Champion Mastery Points and is currently Diamond 1 on the North American server with Garen. Today, I'd like to educate the masses about the often-common phenomenon as to why your Garen built Beserker Greaves and using every single available ping (200+) over the course of a 20 minute plus ping is not aiding your team or the Garen who built them.

Ever since Garen's rework in late Season 9, Garen's E – Judgment now allows him to gain Bonus spins over the course of three seconds depending on much Attack Speed he has gained from Champion Levels and Items. Garen starts the game with Seven spins, but can often end games with 12-13 depending on what items he has built. With Trinity Force, it's entirely feasible to end games with 15 as of this current patch. For every 25% AS that Garen gains over the course of time, he gains one spin.

Why do more spins matter for Garen?

As many of you know, each of Garen's spins apply a stack of Conqueror, meaning that if Garen is hitting a target with a spin with a higher frequency of hits, he stacks the rune faster, thus allowing the ability to do more damage. The most overlooked property of this spin additionally is that when Garen lands six successful spins against his target, he reduces that said target's armor by 25%, which is the exact reduction that Black Cleaver provides. If Garen builds BC as well, that number stacks multiplicatively to create an approximate 42% total Armor Reduction which is extremely enabling for your team's physical damage.

If those six spins are applied faster over the course of three seconds, that means that Garen has a chance to apply that debuff faster too, and potentially against more targets. Therefore, we can already see the significance of Garen investing in Attack Speed.

Enter Beserker Greaves

-45 Movespeed -35% Attack Speed

If a Garen player purchases Beserker Greaves with his lead by Level 7, he will have 9 spins at that point compared to his initial 7. That is a staggering difference in DPS and as a toplaner who rushes Tier 2 boots, he can often press his advantage by moving faster and being able to stay on top of his target. Garen's Q movement speed duration was even nerfed last year because of how effective this strategy was, and as a result, Garen players are more dependent on rushing Tier 2 boots now more than ever. Hearthbound Axe is a great potential alternative with a good mixture of Attack Damage and AS, however if Garen cannot reach his target because of the need for Tier 2 boots, the choice will ultimately fall short in comparison with a Beserker's purchase instead.

There is one additional concept to keep in mind too as a Garen player. In order for Garen to win almost all of his trades even with a slight lead, he needs to time his Q-W-E abilities properly. The timing of Garen's W can literally make the difference between winning a trade or not, and using the ability is almost always required. As a result, if a Garen player is using one of their biggest gank deterring abilities to trade, putting it constantly on a 20 second plus cooldown, that creates many opportunities for Garen to get flanked and die by jungle assistance. As a result, what often can allow a Garen player to escape the jaws of death is early high movement speed stacking, and that combination is found best by rushing Tier 2 boots and potentially pushing it further with Celerity / Nimbus Cloak.

What does this mean?


This essentially means that the dependency for Garen to complete tier 2 boots is rather high, and it's often prioritized because of how it allows Garen to move faster. If Garen cannot touch his target, he is doing nothing but soaking damage, and his role as a tank only goes so high when he has almost no crowd-control at range besides a Stridebreaker active. A Garen player with a 1-0 lead building Beserker Greaves is a valid choice. Garen is a snowball based Juggernaut that can push his lead to an incredible advantage if he plays on that lead with an itemization choice that enables him. You are going to be able to push a lead much further in DPS, especially when it comes to tower taking if you take Beserker Greaves.

You might be wondering why I'm even making this post, but there seems to be this wild interpretation that if a Garen chooses to invest in Beserker Greaves that he is inting. He is not. There will be many points in a Garen's solo queue journey where he invests in Zerkers with the anticipation to push his lead and ends up failing and falling behind. Any League of Legends player can build correctly but still make mistakes or possibly fail the execution of that build. The thought or notion that your Garen is too behind or simply not contributing as much is not related to his boots choice, because often times he had to commit to that choice early. I have seen too many games where I create a lead in lane, the team collectively falls behind, and even though I have near 200 armor with 3k HP, I still have individuals pinging Beserker Greaves in my inventory as if the item was purchased at the 25 minute mark instead of the 8 minute mark. Garen players do not need Ninja Tabi's (Plated Steelcaps) to be as tanky as his peers in the toplane because of him getting 33 Armor and Magic Resistance free from his W, and that is the bare minimum bonus mind you. To further this point, the damage reduction component on auto-attacks from Ninja Tabi stack multiplicatively with the 5 seconds of damage reduction from Garen's W – Courage, meaning that while he is using the ability he gets reduced value from Ninja Tabi's than the average champion.

If Garen is on your team, and you're playing vs a full AD team, then yes, encouraging the Garen to go Tabi's early is fine. If the enemy teamcomp is slow heavy and holds AOE slows (which counter Garen's Q), then yes Swifties is an encouraged choice. If Garen is laning vs a Lissandra and his only threat of dying is her locking down Garen long enough to be picked by the enemy jungler, then yes, Mercury Treads would make sense. But it is beyond irrational in my eyes to ping a Garen for Beserker Greaves when Garen's best opportunity to push his advantage in a solo standpoint by purchasing Beserker's. You pointing out that Garen has Attack Speed boots doesn't serve your team any good. Encouraging him to sell them for a Ninja Tabi is non-sensical and inefficient. A Garen player could spend 800gold, pick up a Chain Vest (which is 110% gold efficient for him because of his W) and boost his durability while also being a component that amplifies his target access (Deadman's Plate). If you want your Garen to be tanky, encourage him to get a Sterak's/Stoneplate/Visage. Those items make a world of difference while allowing Garen to still be threatening. If you are lividly upset that your Garen choose to not build Full-Tank this game, it's because he is a Juggernaut with minimal crowd control and Attack Damage ratio's, not a tank. He is not just trying to amplify his damage, but with more spins he can technically amplify your damage as well.

I never thought I would have to make a PSA about this because I thought the concept was easily understood, but to this day I have players that don't understand the boots choice and will never let it go in chat. Instead of matching their extreme pettiness, I'd rather take an effort to educate others as to why the boots choice has significance and why the purchase happens in the first place. Thank you for reading.

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