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GBM’s hilarious theory on Suning vs TES Game 1 draft & Why scrimming Damwon is dangerous (ft. SuperMassive, TSM, and FNC).

LeagueofLegends6 - GBM's hilarious theory on Suning vs TES Game 1 draft & Why scrimming Damwon is dangerous (ft. SuperMassive, TSM, and FNC).

GBM (former player, current coach of super massive) does draft reviews of all series and today's video was kind of funny and insightful so I wanted to share it. Please note that the theory behind TES vs Suning draft is just a theory from GBM's brain and no evidence behind it.

Suning vs TES

Jackeylove is slightly off and as much as JKL was off, SofM was that much on. SofM drained JKL's skills and sucked it out of him with a straw.

I think there was a mental problem within the team. This is just my theory.

TES before their match against Suning scrimmed Damwon and here is the problem with scrimming against top teams. First, regardless of your draft, it looks like shit when the game is over. Before the game starts you are confident in your draft but after the game it looks like shit.

For example if TES scrimmed SuperMassive and TES first picks Lee Sin and wins 10 straight against SuperMassive, TES is thinking "yo Lee Sin hella OP, if we take Lee Sin it's gg" and then they go scrim Damwon. Let's say TES is red side, Damwon first picks Jhin because Damwon is thinking "we are just practicing our draft that we will use against G2", however, what TES is thinking is that "What the hell, Damwon is first picking Jhin? Guys Jhin must be hella OP, we should try this out"

So who is on the other side of TES? It's G2. Remember there are only 4 teams left.

So next day TES vs G2 scrim:

TES: "Yo, we all saw DWG first pick jhin yesterday? let's try it out against G2"

but the problem here is that this strategy is what Damwon tried to use against G2, so it of course goes well and TES crushes G2 in scrims.

TES at the end of scrims: "DWG is right, Jhin is OP. Brother Damwon has shown us the light"

And then match day you end up with this (shows Game 1 Draft of TES vs Suning where TES first picked Jhin). This is the reason why TES first picked Jhin in game 1. Doesn't this theory sound plausible?

You know what is funny? These situations happen all the time in the pro scene. However, when situations like these arise, you often see weird drafts because some teams try to practice certain situations while other teams are trying to win and it's complicated so that's why you see weird drafts in actual matches.

However, there is always one person that realizes something is wrong, and I believe that person was Karsa. I can see from their first pick Lee sin that Karsa realized something was up.

So Karsa told his team "Hey guys, Damwon is just picking jhin because G2 is very good with jhin so they are just trying to take it away from them"

But JKL comes in "yo karsa, let me tell you what's up. Jhin's laning phase is S tier and watching Ghost play jhin, I can carry like that too. Just first pick Jhin and I take you to the finals"

This is just all for fun and based on my thoughts. I am just saying this could have happened. This is what happens when you scrim a top team.


If Damwon 1st picked Ezreal, TES could have first picked Ezreal today (on Sunday).

Also another thing, if you scrim a team like SuperMassive and play Lee Sin and win 10 times in a row you would think that Lee Sin is OP but if you scrim Damwon and lose with Lee Sin, Karsa would tell his team "This is because Damwon is too good and nothing to do with the pick" but rest of his team tells Karsa "No, it's because Lee Sin is a shit champion".

This is why your scrim partner is important.

SuperMassive BTS ft. FNC & TSM

There are a lot of emotional players in the pro scene and you have to give them confidence before a match so you schedule scrims with weak teams because if you scrim against a top team, my draft is brought up to question because you are getting crushed regardless of what you pick. However, this isn't just with me, you guys know Fnatic right?

These guys a day before their matches always ask "hey do you guys want to scrim us?" because what is SuperMassive? we are confidence vitamin drink. So we gave them a try and our players lost confidence so we started declining all their scrims. This is called the Confidence Vitamin Meta and it's more prevalent overseas.

So before games I talk with my other coach Pardes (not sure how to spell), "Pardes, our guys are way too emotional and if we scrim top teams we are going to be caught in a vicious cycle. Let's not scrim or scrim only with weak teams". So we start scheduling scrims against weak teams.

So after we scrim weak teams what happens in real matches? We start going on a winning streak and players don't complain about my draft. Since we win all our scrims, my players are confident and we win stage matches.

Players start to get suspicious but they are winning stage matches so they follow along. This snowballs and players are thinking "Hey the process is a little bit weird but we are getting results and our strategy seems to be working and let's see how far we get!"

So we got Mad Lions for our BO5 match, you know how many games we scrimmed before our match against Mad Lions?

0 games. Why? because our scrim partners were all top teams like FNC, TSM.. oh wait it isn't actually 0 games. We scrimmed TSM 6 games and went 3 wins and 3 losses. I schedule scrims with TSM because we thought we can beat them. What's funny is TSM was probably thinking the same thing. So we declined FNC and scrimmed TSM.

So for our draft against Mad Lions, I planned it all according to my opponent and focused on getting champions that my players are good at.

There is more to the video but this was the jist of it, if anyone is a better translator than me please feel free to translate the video.

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